how i wish to volunteer!!

by Chelsea Herbert
(Sydney, Australia)

I was ecstatic coming across The Sanctuary healing retreat - to find a community that embodies all of the values i share is just miraculous! i would love to share and be apart of helping individuals deepen their connection with themselves.
i am passionate about helping create the space for others to heal on a deep level through breath work as well as conscious dance.
I also whole heartedly believe in the power of music to heal and would love to hold Kirtan's at the sanctuary to encourage deep personal connections.
i am extremely passionate about cooking healthy cruelty free vegan food and am so so excited that this is a core value of the sanctuary. i currently work part-time as a chef in a wonderful organic healthfood shop/cafe of healing through health that embodies many of the same values as the sanctuary, and would love to have the opportunity to create the same soul-nourishing food for the people in puerto escondido.

i hope with all my heart that this journey takes me to your beautiful healing sanctuary!

sending love over from australia!


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