How to kill Parasites

by Pete Adams
(Turgutreis, Turkey)

treatment for parasites, neem tea

treatment for parasites, neem tea

How to kill Parasites?

Today is Tuesday 23rd July 2013, the day after full moon. Doris and i are currently in Turgutreis, a beautiful paradise on the Bodrum peninsula in Turkey. My friend Jim very kindly lent us his house to stay in and we are having a wonderful time. Thank you so much Jim.

This morning Doris and i decided to start another parasite cleanse, as the best time to do so is when the moon is full because the parasites are most active. This will be the third month in a row i have started a parasite cleanse (the 2nd month for Doris) which was given to me at the MMS conference in Puerto Vallarta during May 2012 when i trained to become a Health minister for the Genesis II Church of Health & Healing. I believe the protocol was developed by Andreas Kalcker and his wife Miriam in collaboration with Kerri Rivera and Jim Humble.

Andreas Kalcker goes into great detail on this page about how to kill parasites explaining the problems parasites can cause, how up to 90% of the population have parasites, plus many options for a parasites cleanse. Here are some symptoms of parasite infection taken from the above article which i highly recommend reading:

Chronic diarrhea or diarrhea caused by poor absorption of food
Chronic Constipation
Gas and bloating (Important after meals)
Digestive problems
Excessive bowel movements (Intestinal movement after eating)
Abdominal pain.
Mucus in stool
Leaky gut
Frequent vomiting and nausea
Burning in the stomach
Blood in stool
Intestinal irritation
Intestinal obstruction
Swollen eyes
Malabsorption syndrome
FATIGUE - The toxic waste metabolic overload overworks the
organs of elimination and causes central nervous system disorders like:
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Low energy
Extreme weakness
Internal cold
Cold in the extremities

I see some differences from the original protocol however and that in the above article, so in the coming days I will be asking some questions to clarify the differences, and also to clarify some issues with the original parasites cleanse.

I invite you to ask any questions you have about these parasite protocols we are using as a treatment for parasites, by commenting below.

How to kill Parasites?

One of the many symptoms of having parasites is food cravings, particularly junk foods containing sugars and products like white wheat flour which quickly turn to sugars. These type of foods directly feed the parasites, so the body demands them, making it very difficult to resist. This is one of my issues; frequently eating sweet foods like ice cream and chocolate. I am aware of course that food (and other) addictions have deeper emotional root causes which i am also dealing with now, with the help of intuitive healer Shruti Kher.

Using the parasites cleansing protocol i was given last year alongside a plant based diet without sugar, and some foods that heal (such as ginger and turmeric), as well as the internal spiritual work, i am sure that i will finally get over my food addictions. That is my firm intention. I also intend at least for the first few days of this parasites cleanse to only eat fruits and vegetables and to write about my progress in the comments below. You might like to help support me in this process by participating in the comment section at the bottom of this page.

How to kill Parasites?

This morning Doris and i have taken 2 x 250 mg tablets of Pirantel, a glass of water containing 1 x tablespoon of diatomaceous earth, 15 drops of Rompe Piedras (Lepidium latifolium) and 1 x tablespoon of Neem tea. Doris has decided to take her Neem tea separately as a shot due to the not nice taste. Also we will drink 1 oz (30 ml) of sea water (diluted for taste).

Next up is an enema of clove tea and diatomaceous earth. This will be taken every other day, on the alternate day we will take an enema with MMS (15 activated drops in 1 litre of water). Along with 1 x 100mg tablet of Mebendazol taken at night for the first 9 days, and drinking castor oil from day 5, this is the extent of the parasites cleansing protocol we are starting to follow.

How to kill Parasites?

Over the next few days, in the comment section below I will clarify the quantities and the intervals to take each part of the parasite cleanse, and how often it should be repeated. For now, below is the original parasites protocol. Click for a larger image (opens in new window):


Parasites Cleanse Protocol

Click for larger image (opens in new window)

When i am finally sure of all the details for the correct (or best) protocol, I will amend or add the revised/clarified version here. Good luck if you decide to try yourself. Feel free to ask any questions below and i or other visitors will answer.

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Dec 24, 2017
DE in enema water for child?
by: Barb D

Can DE be used in a enema?
From reading above, if read it correctly, enema is given every other day with DE added to the enema water?

I have three children. Yes parasites. ughhh drive me nuts.
Clean, clean and more cleaning. Telling them to keep fingers out of mouth, eyes and ears is constantly done.

I have given all three of them a regular enema for fever or constipation.
And read somewhere to give a nightly garlic enema to rid parasites.

Love to learn more of the program.

Will write more late.
editors reply

Hi Barb. Yes, my understanding is that diatameceous earth is very good for enema use for destroying some types of parasite. Be sure to research further yourself


Jul 21, 2016
Worms Scattering
by: Michelle

I just want to share my experience on Worms Scattering into different parts of the body...which is NOT a pleasant experience... and I think one the reason was too much enema that had stuff adding in to the enema water.. I used ACV and Wormwood tincture... I think since I started that for over 3 days, the worms started to scattered.. maybe too strong... I think when doing the cleansing... preparation is important.. make sure to fast or on strict diet for a while before you hit them hard... otherwise, they may get piss off and just escape to different parts of the body... I am onto my second cleans soon after the first time I had the worms scattered... I will try to apply what I have learned from my first cleans...

Feb 06, 2016
Found a Cheap, Effective Parasite Cleanse
by: Joti

Each year I have been doing a 2-week cleanse to rid my system of candida and parasites. For the past few years I used Paragone, foul tasting herbs and tincture, but did get results. However I did need to do an enema each day to keep things moving.

But one morning I had a very severe reaction to the herbs, almost passed out, so decided to stop using them.

Decided to try something I had been hearing about for a while, as it was natural and very inexpensive, and people were getting good results from it for parasites and more, everything from migraines to back pains being healed.

Diamataceous Earth.

Was skeptical it could be a cure-all, but have been on it for 2 weeks and a patch of ezcema on my arm I'd had for months, cleared up. After a while started having much more regular and better bowel movements. And parasites and eggs leaving body, without great discomfort.

My brain fog has gone too, hurray!

It does take 2 - 3 months apparently for your system to be free of parasites in the digestive tract, which is where most of them reside. But taking the DE each day clears out the colon comfortably and as a result has a very beneficial effect on overall health.

There are a few web sites with lots more info on it, and testimonials, but do check out which seems the most comprehensive.

Oh yes, and it is super inexpensive.

Good luck with your healing journey.

Note from Pete: Thanks for sharing. Diatamaceous earth is included in the Andreas Kalcker protocol, but on it's own it does not kill all parasites, so best to use several other methods too.

Dec 09, 2014
a great article about destroying parasites
by: pete

I encourage reasers to also look at this articel for even more very useful information abour how to kill parasites

Sep 16, 2014
new protocol
by: Robyn Unrau

thank you so much for sharing this information.
i have been doing monthly parasite cleansing with coffee enemas for three months now, and i am still working my way through....,
i have been using ParaGone, but i am definitely going to give this protocol a shot next month instead,

Jun 27, 2014
by: jenny

curious how the parasite cleanse went for you folks?

would like to know more about using DE in an enema? is it completely safe...for children also?

are all those drugs necessary as well? ( will the natural stuff not do the job alone?)

thanks for any feedback...thinking of taking this on for my family of 5 and our family Dog...

does anyone have an estimate cost for one person?

I don't want these creatures inside our bodies and energetically don't want to be a part of anything parasitic!!


Jan 02, 2014
how to kill rope worm parasites
by: Pete

Hi Susan. I would suggest using the simpler protocol on Andreas Kalcker's site (link above) which I understand should get rid of all parasites. I don't think u need to take enema daily either. The stuff needed is very cheap and no we don't currently sell kits, sorry.

Ultimately, I believe, all issues are "emotional" so perhaps we need to look into what ways we may be behaving parasitically. I can share more about is if you wish. Peace

Jan 01, 2014
by: Susan

Hello! I came across your website as i was looking for information about treating ropeworms. This is a new discovery. My dr told me I have them. The Gubarev protocol to treat this is too long, too difficult for me and I am not confident that enemas are (for 18 months on a daily basis) is even healthy or safe. I would like to know if your treatment works on ropeworm. If not, that is fine too. Just be honest with me. Also, how time consuming is it and how expensive is it? Do you sell it as a kit? How can you make this simple for me. I am really sick and take care of my dad who is very sick, I don't have much strength to do even the simplest tasks these days, that is why I need something that is EFFECTIVE and not expensive or time consuming. I hope you can help me. Thank you for your time.

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