Hridaya Silent Retreat

Experience a unique immersion into your real and essential nature, the Divine self through an integration of meditation and yoga practices. During this retreat we address broad aspects of the spiritual heart from a variety of traditions such as esoteric Christianity, Sufi, and Kashmir Shaivism. Open your heart to a life of stillness, surrender and joy, this is the path of the spiritual heart.

We like to organize the retreat around different aspects and exercises:

Noble silence

We will keep our noble talks off for a little while and try to be more conscious of our thoughts, our sensations, our feelings ... to be more present and more connected to our inner self.


Meditating remains an amazing way to develop a higher understanding of the real self. We emphasise the self-inquiry teachings of advaita vedanta, primarily based on the Hridaya Yoga Revelation of the Spiritual Heart meditation retreats offered by Sahajananda at

7-9am: meditation
9-9:45: smoothie
9:45- 1pm: lecture, hatha yoga, meditation.
1-4pm:lunch and break
4-6:30pm: meditation
6:30-7pm: personal practice
7-7:45pm: Dinner
7-45-9:15: Answering written questions, lecture and meditation.

The facilitator: Eamonn
Reared Catholic in Ireland I first began to study Buddhism 11 years ago while in Australia. I subsequently spent time in the Theravada Buddhist monasteries of Southern Thailand in silent meditation with the monks. It was in this region I trained as a yoga teacher in the Ancient Tantric tradition of India and Tibet and 5 years ago completed my first silent meditation retreats in the Hridaya tradition. more recently I qualified as a hridaya yoga teacher and have spent over 100 days in silent retreat over the past year. I have over a 1000 hours of quality yoga teacher training completed and over 5 years teaching experience.

Price of the Retreat
Non resident - 1600 pesos

Existing Residents - 1300 pesos

Residential - Includes Juices or food and 3 Nights shared room accommodation. - 3 100 pesos

Additional night option is available for 500 pesos extra, including food and our daily program.

We recommend you stay the night before and the night after the retreat making four nights in total, therefore a total price of 3300 pesos.

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