In Puerto Escondido...

by Aimee
(Colorado, USA)

Puerto Escondido.

Located in southwest Mexico along Oaxaca’s coastline, this colorful, eclectic city of 45,000 people is a surfer’s paradise and is known around the world for it’s amazing beaches and superb waves.

I originally heard about Puerto Escondido in England. From a South African who’d spent a few months lost in the crashing waves. Waves that were powerful and meditative and incessantly pounding. Waves that sounded in his surfer brain years after he'd left them behind.

“One of my favorite places in the world,” Michael had told me during our time together in Devon.

When someone who’s spent ten years of his life traveling says, “favorite place,” you take him seriously.

I heard about Puerto Escondido again when I was in Colorado. I randomly met with a woman who’d spent over a year studying Spanish in La Punta.

“I’m so jealous of you! Ah. You’re going to have such a good time. Wish I could go back… the food… the culture… the warmth.”

And now I’m here — finally — unpacked and settling into my new home at The Sanctuary.

I can see why Puerto Escondido made an impression…

The name of the place means “hidden port”. And that’s what it feels like. Something hidden.

Something I’m so lucky to have found.

I walk through narrow dirt roads and peer into glorious jungle hostels (some of which are complete with treehouse). Sweat drips from my brow and I triple check my mental calendar in astonishment.

It’s… December 16th. I am sweating. And it’s December.

The climate here is tropical, and this desert Colorado girl is going to take some time to adjust to the humidity. But the ocean breezes, shade from the flourishing palm trees and shops with divine frozen yogurt all serve to ameliorate the heat.

Puerto Escondido’s main attractions are its beaches. In fact, Zicatela’s enormous waves have turned this small town into one of the top ten surfing destinations.

And even if you haven’t got the faintest idea as to how to stand up on a floaty thing in the ocean (like me), you can still walk down to the beach and enjoy one of the glorious sunsets.


after night

after night.

I hadn’t planned on swimming (my Colorado brain was still screaming, “IT’S DECEMBER!) but one of my newfound friends ran into the ocean and I suddenly found myself running in after him.

The sun continued to slowly melt from behind the horizon as I emerged from the ocean, dripping, happy and absolutely refreshed -- waves lapping at my heels, sad to see me go.

This. Will be the best winter ever. Who needs Christmas trees when you have palm trees bursting with coconuts, golden, melting sunsets and a life giving, replenishing ocean five minutes away?

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