Inspirational Teacher

by Pete Adams
(Turgutreis, Turkey)

Intuitive Healer and Inspirational Teacher

Intuitive Healer and Inspirational Teacher

I have recently been privileged to meet intuitive healer and inspirational teacher, Shruti Kher from India. Doris and I are now working with Shruti, experiencing emotional release, greater clarity and increased focus. We intend to continue healing with Shruti ourselves and to follow her guidance as we offer our healing services to others. Below is a short bio for Shruti which may help to understand the ways in which Shruti helps people to heal themselves.


Shruti Kher

Intuitive Healer and Inspirational Teacher

Shruti is an exceptional healer and teacher, unique in her approach, wisdom and healing / teaching techniques. She helps to change lives and has the ability to diagnose and help to heal the root causes behind illnesses and negative life patterns.

Her diagnosis encompasses all levels and aspects of the patient’s life—physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual. The spiritual aspect is understood as the capacity to be deeply true to oneself, which requires living in non-duality and in full alignment with one's chosen values, at every level and in every way. She provides a holistic and individualized "formula" based on practical teachings and other methods (learnt on her own journey of healing from illness and by living in alignment), to uproot the problem and thus enable deep, permanent healing and personal / spiritual growth.

Patients learn to de-condition, correct the disconnection between mind, body, emotions, and re-align their thoughts, intentions, and actions with the values they say they hold dear, in order to achieve their life purpose.

Inspirational Teacher - Inspirational Teacher - Inspirational Teacher

Shruti facilitates deep change even in “desperate cases” where other means and channels failed to bring results. Patients who spent years of unsuccessful treatments around the world have observed dramatic changes in their health and personal relationships in just a few days.

She shows how each emotion holds a particular bio-chemistry. Her instinctive ability to work with emotions at a very deep level through consciousness (and other of her techniques) enables the release of old emotional imprints trapped into the body. This release, coupled with the patient’s unwavering determination for change, gives way to the body’s natural ability to recover from any disease. From a deeply de-conditioned and transformed state of being and a detoxified body, the patient is free from relapses as the condition no longer needs to occur to point to an unlearned lesson. Negative life patterns are similarly also outgrown.

Her holistic approach is aimed at fostering her patients/students full self-empowerment and self-reliance in all aspects of their living and being. Patients and students seriously dedicated to growth have consistently observed radical changes in their bodies, mind, emotions and spirit, as well as in the quality of their life at large.

Shruti passionately and generously shares of her life experience, time, trans-formative high energy, and healing abilities to help her students uncover their full potential. Her life is grounded on practical teachings which have consistently explained reality as a whole.


If you would like to contact Shruti to ask any questions, please make a comment below, and either I or Shruti may answer. If you would like a personal reply, please use the Contact Page on this site giving your e-mail address.

Inspirational Teacher - Inspirational Teacher - Inspirational Teacher

To learn more about Shruti, and SOHAM, a Center for Healing and Learning in Conscious Living located in a lovely property in Nainital, Uttarakhand, India. visit the SOHAM website

Peace & Love

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Sep 22, 2016
Need Healing
by: Mawu

Currently I've developed a lump around my throat. It seems to be a goiter-thyroid. I've been trying to refrain from arguing with my husband so at times when I want to say much I just walk away. Just wondering if that's the reason why. On the other hand, I find myself yelling at my youngest teen son immensely due to his lack of respect. Not sure which may have caused it but lastly, I have some really bad eating habits that include eating lots of fatty foods like ice cream(not now since this fear I began cleansing, fasting and now eating just fruits and vegetables and some fruit juices)cakes and just overall late night junk food eating. It's like I can't resist a late night snack. It was necessary before I go to bed. This is hereditary. My mom is the exact same way. She has a big belly and so do I. I am very overall thin except my belly. But I also work out about 5x/week and I am not losing a pound. I don't understand. I know my eating habits aren't good but I really thought with the intense working out it would burn, but it doesn't seem to work. This thing on my neck developed when last week my husband went to a work party and he brought me back a nice healthy salad that had some great fried goat cheese. I LOVE CHEESE by the way. It was so scrumptious-LOL. Thereafter my son and I and husband had a tv night party where we binged on one of our favorite shows and ate pizza. The next night I noticed it. I got really worried. I'm a worrier. So I went on a huge research blast for all the info I could find. Then I fasted for a couple of days and then went on fruits and vegetables. I made an appointment with dr. but not available until November. In the meantime I'm doing enemas and tons of remedies and vitamins. But let me preface, I'm under a huge amount of stress, My oldest son is dealing with an autism diagnosis. It has been so overwhelming for my husband and I. I've given up work to be a parent to him primarily, that even resulted in homeschooling for both of my sons. We love them both dearly. Tomorrow my youngest starts back in school since 2nd grade. He's going to 9th. My oldest....well they seem to be lagging about enrolling him for some reason. He's mild and really gentle-except at home. But he's a cool kid. But I want him to be healed. Honestly, I really do. I've worked so hard to help him. Everything I could think of-paleo, cd, enemas, vitamins, therapies....I mean everything. It's just still here. I find him to be just one of the coolest people I know-really, I do and I just want him to have a full life, and so does he. He really does. His brother is embarrassed by him. My family is embarrassed by him. He talks and everything. He doesn't scream or make noises but he's still awkward because he doesn't talk to many people and he speaks really low and he's super shy. No one has really accepted him fully accept for my husband and I and one teacher that he had-actually 2. They loved him and believed in his healing. I loved them for it and so did he. It;s hard to meet people that will love him as a human and not some fragile invalid. They either talk to him like a baby(he's 17) or they don't talk to him at all. It hurts his feelings and mine immensely. But we've gotten used to it. We don't like it but kind of accepted it about everyone. That's kinda hard. Well as you can see I'm a hot mess!!!! NOT REALLY! I feel pretty good about myself despite all this-LOL, and work very hard to instill positive affirmations into my sons. This world can be harsh but we try to always tell them to remember who you are and no matter what listen to who you are and forget the hurt. This has been a long battle. Thank you. Hope you can help. I would like to go back to work full time one day. It's been awhile and I have no retirement and I have a ton of student loans. Hope you can help me.

Jan 23, 2016
by: Susan

Hello, I have candida and parasites. After having a recent screening colonoscopy at age 52, and doing an enema a couple of days after, I found rope worms in my stool and was wondering the best treatment for them. I am cutting back on sugar and wheat. I have been doing coffee enemas which does help my chemical sensitivities but I'm not sure if they are doing anything to eliminate the rope worms. Thank you, Susan

Sep 19, 2013
Relationship Problems (Part 2)
by: Kripa

...continued from Part 1 below

My second lesson was that of taking personal responsibility. I always felt that I was doing so much for everybody then why was I not getting what I deserve in terms of love, respect and consideration. I also seemed to attract people in emotional need. Shruti pointed out where I was going wrong and she corrected my opinion of myself – she said I was the person in need and I was being good to all not because I was truly good but because I wanted to buy that person’s affection/loyalty/friendship. This was another jolt for me because I had not looked at myself from this angle every before and it was not a very nice picture. All my assumptions about myself crumbled. I felt a lot of pain, self-pity, anger etc. and it took me sometime to accept these home-truths.

But, once you know things about yourself, you then become eager to get out of this situation and better yourself. I am practicing non-duality, honesty and mindfulness, but I have a long way to go. There are so many things to unlearn and so many areas in which I need to apply these. I am in the process of upgrading myself, but at my own pace. Things are turning around for me. Like she said, when you reposition yourself, then things and people also will reposition themselves according to you. If they don’t, then you should have the courage to accept their moving away from you. And, I think, that is the crux of the matter – courage to accept the changes that might take place when you change.

I don’t know whether it is a positive point or not, but Shruti helps you see things for what they are very clearly, but she also makes it clear that the journey is yours to carry forward, at whichever pace you want. She helps you to see where you are all knotted up, but it is you who has to do the un-knotting. It is almost as if Shruti is standing on the other side where there lies only love, joy, purity and enlightenment and she holds out her hand to you and tells you that where you have to step to take that jump – but, in the end, you have to have the courage to jump. She will not pull or push you. And, Shruti is a living benchmark of what an ideal life should be, which encourages me to believe that someday I can get there and be in perfect unison with the Creator and with Creation.

-- Regards

Sep 19, 2013
Relationship Problems (Part 1)
by: Kripa

Here’s my experience with Shruti.

I first went to Shruti when I was in a muddle of multiple crises – I had relationship problems which had been fermenting for quite a while and I was refusing to examine it properly. The trigger however was when I had to go in for an abortion, which was extremely distressing for me. I finally decided to take help because I felt there was something I was not doing right and there were reasons I did not know, which were causing me to feel miserable, lost, bitter, and totally, not myself.

For the last one year, Shruti worked with me in deciphering my past and my present. She literally unplugged all the holes that I had clamped and forced me to look at myself. She has an uncanny knack of looking at you and reading you inside out. Probably this is something all healers do – but I think Shruti goes much deeper and explains the hidden reasons behind the crisis. Once that is uncovered, she tells you the options you have to turn your life around. These are not tips or quick fix methods. The ways she tells you are deceptively simple, yet, if you have not decided to change from within, it is almost impossible to practise. For example, truth and non-duality are simple in philosophy, but when we realize how far ingrained we are into deceit and dishonesty, it is very disturbing.

Continued in part 2.....

Sep 12, 2013
Powerful Healer
by: Sanjaya Tripathee

Shruti Kher is a very powerful healer and a great teacher. I met Shruti 7 years ago and learned lots of healing work with her and family relationship and dealing with stress and cross cultural behavior and many more. I have had great result and great experience with her about healing work and personal growth and many other related issues. I never met anyone who can do very strong healing with excellent result.

Shruti is a very loving person with very strong and powerful work and life ethics. When it comes to healing work she can be very very strong and hard but the result is amazing. I completely trust her and admire her. She is more than capable to do anything like personnel healing, organizational healing, Distance healing and many more. I have benefited lots from her which I cant describe from words all in one if you are committed to make big changes in your life she is the one.

Sanjaya Tripathee, M.D.
Sacred Journeys Nepal
email: scriptsanjayatripathee at

Sep 07, 2013
Retreat with Shruti in India
by: Pete

Shruti is now offering a "Relationships Answers" Healing Retreat during October 2013 (likely to be repeated in December and in 2014). Click here for more information.

Sep 07, 2013
My experience with Shruti (part 2)
by: Hiba

Continued from comment below....

What I found using those techniques with people in my practice is that I could not go too far and ‘fix’ those people who wanted maybe a quick fix (most people do). I saw that those techniques may be only a base to uncover some issues at the root of the problem but they are never complete unless people are committed to their own healing and growth, taking responsibility and ownership of their own lives and well-being. I found that my techniques are not enough to get there because, even though I’ve been told I am a good practitioner, I lack the abilities Shruti has to get people past the initial stage of uncovering some of the ‘whys’ they are not well. I understood all this only after working with Shruti and understanding some of my issues which I can see so clearly in others now, but not when I started my practice. In fact then I thought that I could get much more from my techniques than what I did in reality.

This is what I have experienced.

Sep 07, 2013
My experience with Shruti (part 1)
by: Hiba

Hello. I would like to share with you my experience in techniques and how my working with Shruti made me change while the others I have tried failed to do so.

I have, in my quest and search for fulfillment etc, read a huge amount of books and went to as many workshops as I could with fancy names and nice promises. But I always found myself the day after the end of the retreat empty handed.

I am going to give you just one example of technique vs. Shruti’s approach.

The last workshop I went to was in Nepal. The lady who gave this workshop is an American lady well known and had wrote also books etc. Well, there was a lot of reading and question and answer, and some
practical exercises… among other things. This one exercise remains in my mind (in fact I forgot almost all the rest); we had to work with a partner and work with this person on the issue we have. To make it short I had to work on my anger to a certain person. The work was
about talking to the workshop partner as if he was the person I had issues with. Well there was crying and complaining and reactions to
what he had to say to me justifying himself. In short it was the punching pillows technique…. Results none! I was still angry and still waiting for answers and clarifications from the real person to understand the why he did what he did, knowing that it hurts me!

Shruti instead worked with me showing me my responsibility in this situation…. She showed me the dynamics and the patterns of behavior I had and how they led to this particular situation and how they influenced other situations in my life, so I saw the big picture and the connection between certain attitudes or beliefs and the reality I created for myself. In this way only I could change.

As a consequence of this learning I did not feel I needed to look for books anymore or ‘collect’ techniques hoping to resolve my problems
and help others solve theirs too. I compared what she was saying and doing with what I had read (and she did not) and saw that even though I had an intellectual understanding of what Shruti was saying because I had read it in books, I did not have an experiential understanding of the issues on hand because I did not know how to apply them in my day to day life. Shruti is/was so good at guiding me to see and understand the ‘how’ to.

I am hypnotherapist, a Craniosacral and a meridian massage practitioner. I also studied Theta Healing. I saw how those techniques failed to work with me when I received them from others, or better said they did not give me what I hoped to get from them, namely well-being and solution to my problems.

Continued in part 2....

Jul 20, 2013
A True Healer
by: Manish

Intuitive Healer and Inspirational Teacher

11 March 2012
To Whom It May Concern:

I am a Sales & Administration professional from the corporate world with 17 years of experience in front line sales as well as people management.

The journey of experience started on 19th February 2012 when I first met Shruti at her place in Nainital for business dealings. I found her bit different—laughing loudly, having deep knowledge of nature around her, clear communication, strong eye contact and some aura which was not visible but I could feel strongly. Then I visited her twice again and felt the warmth of hospitality from her entire family.

After returning back to my work place, I explored her website which she had informally mentioned during our meeting. I found it very interesting. This further strengthened my instinct that I have met someone who is different. So I started discussing over the phone with her my professional life which was running through a tough phase and I was not able to find out the ways to overcome it. I was totally unaware that my healing had started from that first telephonic discussion. Finally, I visited her in Nainital again on 8th March 2012. I spent the entire day with that wonderful family, had delicious homemade lunch with them and had further discussions with her in length. She listened to me very calmly, asked few questions, understood the entire issue and make me do an exercise which relaxed the stiffness around my neck and shoulders. I left that place with full trust and faith.

My next day at work came with a big surprise to me—my perspective of looking at things had been changed. I was able to find out the reasons of non-performance in my team and discuss them with my team members. My team members took it very positively and started working on them from the very same day. I could feel the positive waves prevailing in each and every member of my team. I was full of energy for the entire day and ended my day without any strain or exertion. I called up Shruti and informed her about my experience that day. She explained the reasons for it and made additional suggestions.

Next day, I received a text message on my mobile from Shruti stating her feeling about me and I was in fact exactly on the same mode she mentioned in her message (she’s a quiet observer). It was amazing for me to have such a strong healer like Shruti who can not only treat but even feel her students from a distance. I again called her up in the evening and discussed about the day. I also told her about a major change in me which I experienced only after meeting her which was that I have now started focusing more on the positive in people and activities rather than hanging on to negative issues around me and exhausting myself for the entire day as I used to do earlier.

I can share some more experiences but I just wanted to say for now that Shruti is amazingly "A TRUE HEALER".


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