Intuition Never Lies

by Saskia Herbert
(Ubud, Bali )

Hello brothers and sisters,

I feel a strong connection with the healing sanctuary. My sister came to visit me in Bali (where I have been living for a couple of months). After finishing university in May of this year I was stuck in a masculine way of relating to the world understanding that everything was about achievements and goals, I was stuck in my pain body and was chronically in pain and depressed!

My mum was living in Ubud, Bali and came to find me in this state, I knew I had to change my life as obviously what I was doing was not working. So I packed up, quit my jobs, moved out of my apartment, sold my car and set off to find myself! The changes I've experienced already have been mind blowing. Through surrendering and allowing myself to accept every moment (same times are easier then others). I've been able to grow and expand far beyond what I ever believed was possible.

I teach yoga, am a certified raw chef, studying to become a detoxing coach, have a bachelor of business and property, love breathwork,mediation, ecstatic dance and lastly LOVE the ocean! When My sister showed my your website we looked at each other and just knew it was meant to be! This was the next step in my healing journey.

I'm super excited to hear more and connect with all beautiful people!!

love and light,

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