Jean-Paul Volunteering for duty

by Jean-Paul
(Madison, WIsconsin USA)

My name is Jean-Paul I am currently a marketing student here in Madison, Wisconsin.
It is so nice to hear that a place like the sanctuary exists, I have been contemplating for the past year what is the most important act someone anyone could do with themselves........
to be of service is what I always return to. I do believe that if I could sum up the meaning of life it would be that, to be of service to others.
I am a looking to be part of a community that is dedicating itself to spiritual practice and principles. I am looking to dedicate a good part of my life from here on, to personal growth and development through service, mindfulness, meditation, and an ever growing willingness to grow.

I am a part of a few fellowships here in Madison and dedicate myself to being of service where I can in those fellowships. I am a member of the Shambhala center in Madison. A Buddhist Tibetan initiatory tradition. I am a member of the Rosicrucian order since 2010 a mystical initiatory tradition. Along with other service commitments in the community I feel that working with in fellowships of the spirit we are then able to grow more with others and with ourselves as we could if we tried to "do it all alone."

I am interested in volunteering Hopefully this summer and fall or fall and winter. I am in a position in my life where I can make a lot of choices, but I feel that it is always better to give of oneself and grow with others. I would love to be a part of the healing workshop and community and Hope to be with the community sooner than later.

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