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This Kids Education Learning page (new age education and training preschool education center) offers resources for parents, teachers and children, to help children learn who they really are, to discover their true purpose, and to live in harmony with spirit. 

Although we have divided this page in two sections: Resources for Children and Resources for Parents/Teachers, there are some resources which are useful for both, so please take a look at all.

Please also feel free to add your own resources in the Comments section at the bottom. Namaste

 “Receive the child in reverence, Educate the child in love, Let the child go forth in freedom.”

- Rudolf Steiner-

Kids Education Learning Resources - For Children

Spirituality for Kids

Spirituality for Kids is a Kids Education Learning non-profit organization providing parents and children, teachers, counselors and caregivers, a comprehensive program teaching children how to recognise their potential and deepen their sense of purpose in life.

The video below is the first of fourteen videos in their Level One: Winning in the Game of Life, a wonderful series in which a young boy named Ari who, like many boys and girls, is idealistic, wide-eyed and a little bit sarcastic. This sarcasm gets him into trouble when he visits Mr. Why’s toy store. Mr. Why sees an eagerness to learn within Ari and gives him a special game called The Game of Life. Ari rushes home to play the game and finds himself trapped in an alternate universe where he needs to learn the rules of the game in order to get back home to his own life. Luckily, along Ari’s interactive journey, Mr. Why is his guide. Together with your boys and girls Ari discovers that everything he is learning in the game helps him in real life as well.

There are many more Spirituality for Kids resources for children, teachers and parents, so be sure to visit Level One: Winning in the Game of Life as the starting point.

Meditation for Children

- a wonderful free resource from the Meditation Society of Australia.  Also free meditation classes for adults.

This e-book Personal and Spiritual Growth for Fun People is probably suitable for children from about age 7 and upwards to age 299 (but if you've reached that age you already know what's in the book).

Read this free e-book by Robert Dean (alias Bob Baker) here

Education Resources for Parents / Teachers

Websites / Articles

Teaching Spirituality to Kids - a very helpful article by Teri Cettina

Books - (free to download)

Understanding Waldorf Early Childhood Education Handbook - e-book by Kenny Sidkar

The Spiritual Ground of Education - Foundations of Waldorf Education - e-book by Rudolph Steiner

The Education of the Child - Foundations of Waldorf Education - e-book by Rudolph Steiner

Videos / Audios

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