Las Diosas: Healing Goddess Retreat for Women in Sayulita, Mexico

by Eva Estlander
(Sayulita, Mexico)

We know you love yoga, as do we! That's why you should Come Play With Us in Paradise. WE make it easy for you to connect with YOUR Goddess Within. Practice Yoga, SUP & surfing in a Safe Learning Environment full of Juicy, Joyful Gal Time.
This retreat is no longer available in Sayulita - but possibly coming to The Sanctuary in Puerto Escondido in the future. Contact Us for more info
Las Diosas retreat include meditations, massage & plenty of healing and rejuvenating yoga classes (Vinyasa and Yin) and peaceful hikes / walking tours of incredible locations throughout Riviera Nayarit. Besides all the healing exercise, the retreat offers delicious, organic breakfast every day, made from local produce. The retreat helps you to heal both mentally & physically.

Las Diosas Retreats are structured around the Chakra System, the 7 energy centers of the body, used to keep the flow of Prana (Life force) balanced and moving freely. Literally translated from Sanskrit, chakra means "wheel, cycle, or circle" and each chakra spins at a different frequency, promoting health and healing throughout a practitioners whole system. These centers each hold specific tasks energetically devoted to aligning the body, mind and spirit, while allowing practitioners to journey thru each chakra individually, listening to the wisdom all seven energy centers have to offer.

DAY 1 - ROOT CHAKRA (Muladhara)

Welcome to Sayulita! This day is all about grounding ourselves in the Mexican soil and meeting our soul sisters for the week. Walk into our Welcome Circle and intention setting session upon arrival, followed by a grounding yoga practice. This is the first day of the retreat, so our focus will be centered around settling in and dining traditional Mexican style with our fellow Diosas.

DAY 2 - SACRAL CHAKRA (Svadhistana)

The element for the sacral chakra is water - time to get wet! This day is filled with SUP Yoga, laughter and good times. Another central aspect of the second chakra is sweetness, so expect some delicious surprises. Svadhistana chakra embodies connection, and our ability to accept others and new experiences. Vamonos!


Today is all about finding our power center! Every Goddess knows deep down how powerful she can be, and our inner Warrior Princess shall be evoked on the third day. Expect to sweat it out, create magic (wands!) and connect with the sacred space of Divine Force within. Of course beach and water time is an Absolute! A morning hike to a secret view spot in Riviera Nayarit starts our third chakra adventure.

DAY 4 - HEART CHAKRA (Anahata)

Diving deep into the center of our Hearts, individually and collectively, is today's journey. Heart-opening yoga practice, crystal healing, and a sunset SUP tour, gathering the pinks and purples of Nayarit's vast sky to add to our memories canvas, is on the Menu Du Jour.

DAY 5 - THROAT CHAKRA (Vishuddha)

Surf's up! Today we bring King energy into the mix, our own and a friend's, with a full day of surf theory, lessons and video analysis. Former professional surfer Kalle Carranza will help us find our voices amongst the roar of Sayulita's waves. Giggles and screams encouraged!


The home of our Intuition, and center of our access into the unseen world, on the 6th day we venture to a secret beach known for it's raw healing power and manifestation abilities. A closing ceremony will be held to gather our retreat experience into something more tangible that we can bring back home into our daily lives. Las Diosas moving into our homes, and hearts.

DAY 7 - CROWN CHAKRA (sahasrara)

Closing the week with a morning Goddess Circle and vinyasa practice, we invite retreat sisters to consciously process all they have received from this week of deep practice and intentional healing. And then we cry and laugh our way to the airport for some high fives, hugs and see ya's laters!

This retreat is no longer available in Sayulita - but possibly coming to The Sanctuary in Puerto Escondido in the future. Contact Us for more info

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