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It cannot be overemphasized how important a liver gallbladder cleanse can be. The livers job is making bile which goes to the intestines to aid digestion. Cleansing the liver of gallstones will immensely improve digestion which is of vital importance to health.

Cleanse Within
Drop the old, embrace the new

Cleanse Within is a  7-day liver gallblader flush accompanied by daily experiential workshops (some of which include Inner Dance), being offered as a Healing Retreat at The Sanctuary in Puerto Escondido, Mexico.  The combination of the liver gallbladder cleanse and the experiential workshops, will  trigger the release of trapped Emotional, Mental, Spiritual and Physical energies.

This retreat is taking place from 13th to 19th October 2013

About the facilitators

The Liver Gallbladder Cleanse and will be facilitated by Christian and Bek Young.

Christian is a certified Inner Dance Facilitator and Teacher, and Bek is a certified Detoxification Consultant and Raw Food Chef. They have been facilitating workshops and cleanses throughout Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Scotland and Hawaii.

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Liver Gallbladder cleanse

The Liver Gallbladder flush is one of the few ways to clear the Liver and Gallbladder of 'stones' (hardened Organic and Inorganic substances) which when trapped within these organs causes many temporary and chronic dis-eases. The stones manifest as a result of diet, environmental exposures and negative emotions.

Watch this video which provides information on the activities performed on the last night of the flush and details on activities performed earlier in the week:

For even more information visit Christian and Bek's Liver Gallbladder Cleanse page.

Our natural liver cleanse and gallbladder cleanse consists of 6 days of juicing, taking a liver cleanse recipe on the evening of the sixth night, resulting in the stones being flushed from the system on the 7th day.

When the stones are removed, physical ailments are improved or even cleared and people also report improved mental and emotional outlook. Even though the flush is focused on the physical body the act of cleansing brings to our attention  trapped emotions and behavioral patterns that also must be addressed.

Here is some feedback from Anirudh Ashok  who completed his first Juice Fast and Liver Gallbladder Cleanse in December 2012:

"I have been wanting to go on something like a juice fast for some time when Bek spoke about the Liver flush, I had always felt bloated and would occasionally have a sore tummy after a meal. I was keen and started the Liver / Gallbladder Flush with Bek. For a skinny person with such poor eating discipline as me I ate a little bit here and there. (only raw though) Even with this – the day of the flush was intense – I had a fever and I could literally feel my body throwing things out. I came out with quite a few stones, and some of them were quite large, a thumbnail size. I officially ended the cleanse with a colonic after which I was clean – I felt clean and soo open and fresh. It felt like a reset button had been pushed, and my stomach has been doing great since. Over all I came into a more balanced state on all levels, It leaves me me saying- I don’t mind doing it again. Clean the body, help myself – Help all. Thank you Bek, who assisted in the whole process. I feel better than ever."

Inner dance

The Inner Dance is both an Energetic experience (Inner Dance Session) and a way of being. It is a powerful energy that once tuned into and harnessed will influence every aspect of your life.

An Inner Dance session is a facilitated session where people are assisted to enter a deep meditative state to enable them to release trapped emotions which no longer serve them in their lives. Often times when people are within this state of complete TRUST and SURRENDER, and have started to dislodge this trapped energy their body begins to move by itself. That is a persons fingers may be moving, but it is not being moved by their conscious thought, it is being moved as a result of the energy that is flowing in and around their body.   

There will be regular Inner Dance Sessions (in addition to other experiential workshops) to assist cleanse participants to firstly release that which no longer serves. In the following sessions we will deepen the focus on Emotional, Mental and Spiritual bodies to further identify and release unhelpful energies to enable participants to step into their power and align to their Birth Vision.

Watch this video to see and hear Christian talking about his own experiences of Inner Dance:

For even more information about what to expect at an Inner Dance session go to

Here is some feedback from Frida about her first Inner Dance experience in March 2013:

"To our lovely souls Bek & Christian I enjoyed every moment with your guidance big love and compassion. I managed to make a huge shift from within me WOW! What a shift. I feel light, happy, and am one with myself."

What's included in the Retreat?

Villa style Accommodation, transfers, Daily energetic body meditation, daily yoga class for all levels, Qi gong, fresh juices, all meals, daily experiential workshops, daily heart circles, infrared sauna, access to extensive esoteric library.

Reserve your space now

This retreat is taking place from 13th to 19th October 2013

Pricing is as follows:

  • US$400 per person (5200 pesos) for shared room. Shared with a maximum of 2 other persons of same gender.
  • US$565 per person (7400 pesos) for private room.
  • US$200 per person (2600 pesos) for external accommodation program (you arrange your own accommodation).

10% off per person price for reservations of two or more.

Please send a message to reserve a space and to confirm your spot at this Healing Retreat at The Sanctuary in Puerto Escondido, Mexico.

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