Looking to become a part of the Healing Haven family.

by Holland Hook
(Berkeley Springs, WV USA)

Hello, my name is Holland Hook. I am hoping to become a part of The Sanctuary's family in upcoming months. I am highly interested in being a part of the staff as I have recently began studying and practicing yoga, I practice meditation, and have been a long-term vegetarian looking to convert to veganism full time and have a good bit of experience in creating meatless meals, snacks, and 'treats.'

I have recently began studying the merkaba techniques and history, and learning about the merkaba crystals, and this is some information that I would love to share with the community.
I am ecstatic about a chance to share my knowledge and help in the kitchen, learn and teach new healing and personal growth practices, especial Reiki healing. The Tibetan singing bowls also are another practice I'm very interested in learning.

I would like to learn these new techniques while making new friends, becoming more in tact with my Self, in addition to approving my physical health through wholesome eating, yoga, and breathing technique.

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