27-28th April

This course is available in English and Spanish.

This two day workshop is dedicated to learn about Mandalas and being able to use them in your personal life. We learn what is a mandala, the history of tibetan mandalas, the bases to design a mandala, what is a yantra, the meaning of colors, a little bit of sacred geometry and meditation with mandalas in order to heal yourself and get more in contact with your own path. Drawing is a wonderful way to learn about ourselves, how to balance our energies. This workshop allies theory and practice to help you to connect to your soul through drawing.

Este curso de dos días trata de aprender sobre Mandalas y ser capáz de usarlas para ti mismo. Aprenderemos qué es un mandala, la historia de los mandalas tibetanos, las bases para diseñar un mandala, qué es un yantra, el significado de los colores, un poco de geometría sagrada y meditación con mandalas para sanarte y tener un mejor contacto con tu propio camino. A través del dibujo podemos aprender más acerca de nosotros mismos y como equilibrar nuestras energías, es un curso teórico práctico donde verás como dibujar es una hermosa forma de conectar con tu alma.

Luz Marcela Aguirre Castro

Marcela has a deep connection with the angels and flowers. She considers the Angels as her masters and they guided her to train as a holistic healer.

She trained in Bach flower therapy, Addictions, Roses and California flower system (6 months training) in Mexico DF.

Her second call is energetic healing through Reiki ( she is a Master in the Japanese system Usui Reiki Ryoho) and Angelic Reiki. She is also an Akashic record reader, Thetahealer and she practices Atlante massage.

She is a holistic therapist who has trained for more than 10 years to help people surrounding her recover wellness, in their bodies, minds and souls. 

Cost and Schedule

2 days course. Non-Resident Cost - 1000 pesos or  1140 including lunch.

Schedule: 10 am to 1 pm and 2 pm till 5 pm.

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