Mar Bufi; I am an I (background)

Mar Bufi was borned in Barcelona 28 years ago. In a wonderful and honest family; her parents are Miquel and Maria Jose; a Catalan man and Andalusian lady.
An special mix of two old and rich cultures.

In spite her real name is Marta she hear her inner spiritual calling to called her Mar since she was 12 years old. But was when she left the city and went to the countryside, in her 20 years old that all their surrounded get used to called Mar, and then she felt this freedom that the ocean has the quality to give. Then when she was 21 she have opened an small shop-workshop helped with her mam, amazing tailor. Where she sell their own designs and unique pieces she found in her trips. Also, she sell up-cycling items and she had the service to customize the cloth of her customers.

When she was a little girl she love dance until get exhausted with her sister and teach her some choreographs that she creates, this little girl loves pick-up frogs from the creeks and lagoons with her brother and the ocean and waterfalls, water in general and the ritual of hike a pick and cycling with his father every Sunday. And she love of course, everything about craft and sew and colors and fabrics and art.

Parallel she was grown most of the time with their grandfathers fact she had nice traditional Spanish diet and because of it, she did study as a chef when she realize how important is our nutrients.
Was when she had to close her shop four years later and after get an awkwardness with the left side of her body that she realized all stress she had inside her body, her vehicle in the material world.
She decided to change her lifestyle and try to find a lifestyle unsupported with money. A lifestyle based in the exchange or the correct value.

She also start to practice yoga and Qi-gong to heal her body.

Last two years she used to live in Ireland, beautiful country surrounded with water that with her the opportunity to sell her clothes and food in markets, she was formed in Shivam Yoga with Beto, amazing teacher and she lived in community at The Hollies Sustainable Center. Where she realize that a self sufficient life connected to nature, basic necessities and works and beings is not only relaxing is the meaning of life. Since then she is travelling and learning and growing involved in communities; sharing her freshly passion for life. Researching benefits or difficulties to live in community, visiting different types, systems and structures of communities, etc. Grasping for honesty life's and peace.

Now, her path goes through The Sanctuary enjoying their comfortable facilities and beautiful house with dramatic views 500 from the ocean. Learning from the wisdom and compassion of the people is involve in this sacred place. Thanks for this opportunity. Mar

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