Merry Christmas from The Sanctuary in Mexico

by Cori Ellingson
(Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca)

you should be here

you should be here

The interesting events and fascinating people who are drawn to The Sanctuary continues. Two new staff members are now here to create the evolving team. Samu, from Peru originally, but well traveled with a wacky sense of humor and thankfully fluent in both English and Spanish has offered his detail oriented talents. As we continue to create a true Sanctuary, Durga, a fellow Canadian from Quebec in Eastern Canada arrived a few days ago. She as well has a keen eye for Feng Shui and offers healing work in the form of massage.

Geoff arrived as well with his vast set of Tibetan Bowls. His afternoon workshop on Saturday was great. I was not feeling well that day and really just wanted to go and cocoon myself but my inner knowing pushed me to attend the workshop. It was just what I needed. As well as learning some wonderful new skills in working with the bowls to make them sing, the high vibrations were so cleansing. It was a remarkable healing for me.

We have a set of 8 bowls at the Sanctuary so we can continue working with them and offering others the chance to experience them. We ended the day with guests who came to see what the bowls are all about. Which then fit in with Sunday where we hosted an open house. A few people dropped in to see the place, enjoy some yoga, singing bowls, massage, conversations about alternatives in the healing field, Agnihostra ceremony and ecstatic dance. Honestly, Canada is the place for ecstatic dance. It is often too hot at night for someone like me to enjoy dancing. Kind of like dancing in a hot yoga studio!!!

I continue to enjoy my long walks on the beach, especially on my day off, when I spend the whole day there. I am now two weeks into the MMS cleanse, with one week left to go. It as well is giving me the sense of a very clear head and lots of energy. We are working very full days here to get everything in place for the new guests arriving this week and into January and are adjusting to a new team coming together so lots of great learnings of all sorts. We continue to focus on setting up a system which makes it easier for any team that comes together.

We enjoyed time on the beach this morning, doing 4 Elements Dynamic Meditation, which is very active with breathing and movement. After had my all time favorite drink - fresh coconut water. Tonight we enjoy a little celebration with a tradition from Spain of a type of potato pancake and some chocolate energy balls with fresh coconut meat from this morning. After we go out to a club to dance. What could be better on Christmas Eve???

Lots of Love,


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