Missing Motorbike in Mexico

by pete
(Puerto Escondido)

Missing from The Sanctuary, Puerto Escondido, Mexico

Missing from The Sanctuary, Puerto Escondido, Mexico

Hey everyone. I'm pete, founder of The Sanctuary.

Last night my motorbike went missing from outside The Sanctuary.
Although I release it to the universe, knowing that god will provide, and knowing that EVERYTHING works for our own good, i let it go. However, if you happen to see it around town please call me 954 1222 779

At The Sanctuary all is going well. We recently had three beautiful souls; Barbara, Bex & Eva staying here. Although Bex & Eva have gone for now, their energy remains and they will return.

Tomorrow we open our Conscious Co-Creation Retreat with an open to the public workshop "Introductory Workshop*
Four Questions Every Conscious Co-Creator Must Ask"

Hasta luego amigos, Paz y Amor

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