My month so far at the Sanctuary...

by Bek Young

Always the happy traveller..

Always the happy traveller..

I have been at the Sanctuary now for 1 whole month in this time I have found many changes within myself through body mind & spirit. While continuing with my vegetarian lifestyle I feel completely supported on raw and vegan foods also. Monday is always interesting as it's a fasting day - we can choose what we will be fasting from; whether it's food, technology, mirrors etc.. it's interesting to observe my behaviors on this day and observing my thoughts i'm getting to know myself a little more each day. After the fast it's exciting to have a new "chef" each day to cook up a yummy dish for lunch.

I decided to complete a 2 week MMS cleanse & 1 month daily yoga (Ashtanga and Hatha) challenge for myself to see how it would benefit me. I can proudly say within one month I have lost 5kgs and that was just by following the everyday retreat at the sanctuary, I feel my whole body has benefited from this cleanse which has resulted in feeling lighter, clearer, more focused and or course happier.

The highlight of my days are the night time spiritual workshops, each night there is a new topic that goes for 2 hrs on average. While being here I attended lots of fun workshops such as meditation, inner dance, dream catcher making, aura reading, psychic development, massage, conversational therapy, brain wave therapy, tibetan singing bowls, breath work, pendulum class & movies with a message.

I will be here for 3 more months, I will keep you posted on other amazing things that will be happening while here shining my light on La Punta. Many Blessings, Bek

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