October 21st, The Sanctuary's second Birthday

by Noa
(Puerto Escondido)

Hi ! I am Noa, volunteering at the Sanctuary since 2 weeks...and wanting to share about the celebration we held on the 21st of October for the Sanctuary's second birthday.

At 3 in the afternoon our guests start arriving.
We sit in the living room and take turn to present who we are and what we do...

Paul presents his new restaurant and makes our mouth water about the delicious and healthy food he will be serving there. The gong interrupts him ! Peter is here to make sure the timing is respected. Nilam presents her coming retreat;
Healing your Inner Child

Jessica introduces the art of pranic healing and the tantra, Nora her massages, Alejandra her Thai massages and Maria Elena the bioscanning. Peter offers holistic healing appointments, for free. And I presented the zen shiatsu workshop that will happen at the beginning of November.
Zen Shiatsu Workshop

Gong ! Time for singing Happy Birthday ! Kaiya and Annie-Mae blow the 2 candles! We tend to forget how difficult it is for a 5 years old kid to blow a candle ! You've got to get it right !
Let's try the cake! A raw vegan cake made of a mousse of banana and avocado on a base of nuts. Yami !

Gong ! Time for clearing the energy in the house and garden with tibetan bowls or incense sticks. We all start diligently and consciously...but the narrow stairway becomes a pretext for exchanging healing tips, sharing a particular practice or a meeting with an inspirational teacher. We just want to know more about each other !

Gong again !
Alejandra offers a yoga class in the palapa. Samuel, Karen and Nora are joining me for this very intense vinyasa flow yoga session. It starts raining ! Refreshing !
In the meanwhile a singing bowl session is happening downstairs followed by a presentation on holistic healing, colon cleansing, nutrition, fasting, infrared sauna, emotional work...all that is offered at The Sanctuary.

Time for agnihotra fire ceremony, a timeless ceremony (rooted in the Vedas) which has to be started at the exact minute when the sun sets.
« Agnaye Swâhâ, agnaye idam na mama, Prajâpataye Swâhâ, Prajâpataye idam na mama. »
The sanskrit words resound in the hall while the cow dung is burnt with coconut oil ( No place for ghee in a vegan house!).

The heart filled with joy, we sing some rainbow songs ( « the river is flowing », « We are rising up » » ) and Bhajans ( Jai Ma, Suddhosi Budhosi).

Gong !Time for dinner !
Gazpacho to start with, followed by a vegan and gluten free quiche and salad and cacao bliss balls.
14 people around the table...

I have a bio-scanning session with Maria Elena...which is really helpful ! I finally understood ( after 33 years) why my body is not processing fats and proteins correctly and why I sometimes have rashes around the eyes...My body lacks of biotin, this small vitamin is wrecking havoc in my system...but I am ready to take steps !

Gong ! Let's start the projection of The Sacred Science about eight people who journey into the heart of the Amazon jungle to look for solutions to their illnesses.
10:30 : Time for goodbyes hugs. Happy faces going through the gate...leaving a joyful vibe in the House !
Can not fall asleep easily that night...Too much cacao in the bliss ball or too much joy for having connected with beautiful people !

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Oct 30, 2014
Happy Birthday to you
by: pete

Hey Noa

Thanks for sharing, and thanks for all your help on that day, and every day. :-)

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