Osho healing
Childhood Deconditioning Retreat

at The Sanctuary in Mexico

What is (Osho healing) Childhood Deconditioning and why might i want to go to a 2 week retreat?

Note: The English is not perfect here as it has been translated from Spanish using google

Conflict situations in relation with our parents which have not healed or matured, unfulfilled promises, etc. These are raw patterns that are formed in our unconscious, determining our way of behaving, leading to infighting in our day to day decisions, eroding our vital energy, making our body-mind sick.

We need to heal by bringing these patterns of the unconscious into the light, within a protected environment and in total confidence. In that way our vital energy is available for creativity and joy, which is our birth right. At the same time this renewed attitude offers us a support base to go deeper in meditation practice.

We lost the contact with the essential being; not knowing who we are, living an accidental life in which we respond to the loss in a mechanical way, without stopping to look inward. We do not know how.

There is the possibility to open up to a new dimension which proposes return to the Being, using the structure of the personality to rescue the essential aspects of the individual. In this way we can begin to have an existential life, dealing with the challenges posed by this changing world in consciousness.

Osho healing - Osho healing - Osho healing - Osho healing

Through 10 sessions of approximately an hour and a half, in group or individually, we open:

  • To objective consciousness of being.
  • To identify, make available and release beliefs, identifications, structures and concepts acquired through our parents, ancestors, teachers, priests, etc.
  • To flow in the spontaneous and natural development of the facts.
  • To accept the fact, even if it is painful.To respond consciously and creatively to the situations that life presents to us
  • To experience lovingly interpersonal relationships

The Childhood deconditioning is a series of 10 sessions which will take place each during your 2 week stay, as below:





Session Name

Meeting the child

Listening to the child

Freeing the child


Regression journey

Exploration through sound. Name meditation

Cushion Gestalt. An experience of the natural child conditioned by mother and father








Feeling the child

Protecting the child

Defending the child-Father

Defending the child-Mother

Embracing the child

Welcoming the child

Becoming Oneness

Neo –Reichian body work. The jellyfish

Lying out the boundaries lines in the family

Drawing, writing. Catharsis, open

Drawing, writing. Catharsis, open

Need session. Soft body work

Birth experience. Breath session

Regression journey. Womb journey, out of womb, past lives, back to the world, future

Click here for even more detail of this Childhood Decoditioning process.

Osho healing - Osho healing - Osho healing - Osho healing

Childhood Deconditioning Session Facilitators

The Childhood Deconditioing sessions will be provided by Alejandro & Patricia from the Temezcalli Medative Space in Puerto Escondido.

Alejandro Villanueva.

Corporal expression and pantomime at the Academy of performing arts Samy Molcho in Vienna Austria

Psychology of perception focused on design at the school of applied arts in Linz, Austria

Training as instructor of body mind technics in the Institute Rio Abierto Mexico

Courses on Vipassana Meditation in Centro de Meditación Vipassana Mexico

Training as a therapist of primary feelings, childhood deconditioning, in different centers of Osho Afroz Greece, Osho Miasto Italy. Osho Oaxaca, Mexico DF http://www.primaltantra.com/terapistqualified.htm

Diploma on Grief Therapy and Advanced Counseling Seminar on Grief Therapy by the center of studies on human development, S.C., certified by the Regional University of the South-East, A.C.

Cocreator of the project, Temazcalli Meditative Space, in Puerto Escondido.

Patricia Heuze

Training as instructor of body mind technics in the Institut Rio Abierto Mexico

Training as technician in psychodrama at the National School of psychodrama

Training at Kalpulli Koakalko on traditional medicine techniques focused basically on the temascal

Courses in Vipassana Meditation in Centro de Meditación Vipassana México

Techniques of Transomatic Dialogue in the Centre of Osho Oaxaca

Training as a therapist in therapy of primary feelings, childhood deconditioning, in different centers of Osho Afroz Greece, Osho Miasto Italy. Osho Oaxaca, Mexico DF Osho http://www.primaltantra.com/terapistqualified.htm

Cocreator of the project Temazcalli Meditative Space, in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca. www.temazcalli.com

More Info. about this Osho healing Two Week Retreat

You will stay at The Sanctuary in Puerto Escondido, a very nice healing retreat center located 500 metres from the beach. Please read more about The Sanctuary here. For 10 days of your 14 day stay, at around 7am you will take a short trip to Temezcalli where a morning meditation will precede the Childhood Deconditioning sessions.

You will return to The Sanctuary at around 9.30 am for the breakfast smoothie which we will have saved for you, then later to join the rest of the community for a delicious vegan lunch. During the afternoon you will have time for some "homework" to integrate the work from the morning session. There will also be some time for swimming in the healing waters of the ocean & watching the sunset from the beach. You may then choose to join some of our evening workshops. See our schedule here

What is the cost?

Visit the Custom Retreats page on The Sanctuary's new website to find out the cost of this retreat.

How do I book?

Visit the Custom Retreats page on The Sanctuary's new website to complete the booking form

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