Pete's Volunteer Blog. A new Grandson and a Retreat in India.

by Pete Adams
(Thetford, Norfolk, England)

Namaste. I'm Pete, one of the founders of The Sanctuary, and a volunteer. Amazingly this is my first blog here.

I'm not in Mexico now as Doris and I are on a four month healing/working holiday, having been at The Sanctuary since opening in late October 2012.


Trekking in Turkey

After leaving Mexico in late June 2013, we stayed for five weeks in Turgutreis, on the Turkish Bodrum Peninsula. I live there before for about two years and had forgotten how beautiful it is. We trekked in the mountains often and swam in the sea most days. Doris fell in love with the area and we hope to return soon.


Camping in Swiss Mountain Valley

Onward to Switzerland, camping in the Elfental valley, with Martin, Saskia and their son Johan. We were blessed to be able to share in the wonderful selection of organic vegetables Martin grows. Doris (the expert in these matters) says they were the best vegetables she has ever tasted in her life! I highly recommend a visit to this wonderful place if you get the opportunity. Doris and I already have in mind to organise a retreat there for next summer! We stayed there for three weeks, again with much trekking in the mountains and almost daily 30 - 60 second dips in the freezing but amazingly refreshing river. Doris's mother Liane was with us for the first twelve days, and she joined us again when we went to Germany to visit Doris's brother and two grandmothers for a few days.


My Grandson Alfie

We are now in Norfolk, England staying with my Mother. Two days ago my daughter Touran gave birth to a beautiful baby boy who has been named Alfie. I am a now a very proud grandfather :-)

Four days before Alfie was born, Touran, Richard (my son-in-law), Oscar and Pugsly (their two Pugs) and I went walking in Thetford forest. Here is a picture:

Oscar, Touran, Richard and Puglsy

Today Doris and I went for a walk along the river in Thetford, just a stones throw from Mum's house. We walked through Nuns bridges and Nuns lakes nature reserve, seeing a water rat, many birds, geese and sampling many wild plants and berries. We took home some thistles and dock leaves which Doris cooked with garlic and Himalyan salt to go with the left over buck-wheat and vegetable stew. Delicious and healing :-)


Relationship Answers Healing Retreat in India

Today we have been finalising a few details for our planned trip to India. It looks like we have found the flights and will book them in the morning, leaving England on 21st of this month. We plan to stay until the end of October, mostly for the Relationships Answers Healing Retreat we have organised with Intuitive Healer Shruti Kher. I have created some pages to describe what is potentially a life-changing retreat here. Would you like to join us?

Doris and I will return to The Sanctuary in Mexico on approximately 1st November, as our current managers, the wonderful couple Christian and Bek (to whom we are extremely grateful) are due to leave on 5th November.

That's it for now, much love and Toodle-Pip....


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