Quotes about Relationships

Quotes about relationships

"People come into our lives to help us experience some aspect of humanity."
- Shruti Kher

One of the main reasons I have created this page, besides to share and to provide a place to share relationship quotes, is to also share about intuitive healer Shruti Kher. Shruti is from Nainital India at SOHAM, a Center for Healing and Learning in Conscious Living. Shruti teaches how to move from Needs Based (abusive) relationships, to Interest, Compassion and Love based Relationships.

"We meet exactly the frequency we are transmitting at every moment. So in order to receive the best you need to live your best." - Shruti Kher

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Quotes about Relationships
My Experience with Shruti
by Kripa

Here’s my experience with Shruti.

I first went to Shruti when I was in a muddle of multiple crises – I had relationship problems which had been fermenting for quite a while and I was refusing to examine it properly. The trigger however was when I had to go in for an abortion, which was extremely distressing for me. I finally decided to take help because I felt there was something I was not doing right and there were reasons I did not know, which were causing me to feel miserable, lost, bitter, and totally, not myself.

For the last one year, Shruti worked with me in deciphering my past and my present. She literally unplugged all the holes that I had clamped and forced me to look at myself. She has an uncanny knack of looking at you and reading you inside out. Probably this is something all healers do – but I think Shruti goes much deeper and explains the hidden reasons behind the crisis. Once that is uncovered, she tells you the options you have to turn your life around. These are not tips or quick fix methods. The ways she tells you are deceptively simple, yet, if you have not decided to change from within, it is almost impossible to practise. For example, truth and non-duality are simple in philosophy, but when we realize how far ingrained we are into deceit and dishonesty, it is very disturbing.

Quotes about Relationships - Quotes about Relationships - Quotes about Relationships

 My second lesson was that of taking personal responsibility. I always felt that I was doing so much for everybody then why was I not getting what I deserve in terms of love, respect and consideration. I also seemed to attract people in emotional need. Shruti pointed out where I was going wrong and she corrected my opinion of myself – she said I was the person in need and I was being good to all not because I was truly good but because I wanted to buy that person’s affection/loyalty/friendship. This was another jolt for me because I had not looked at myself from this angle every before and it was not a very nice picture. All my assumptions about myself crumbled. I felt a lot of pain, self-pity, anger etc. and it took me sometime to accept these home-truths.

But, once you know things about yourself, you then become eager to get out of this situation and better yourself. I am practicing non-duality, honesty and mindfulness, but I have a long way to go. There are so many things to unlearn and so many areas in which I need to apply these. I am in the process of upgrading myself, but at my own pace. Things are turning around for me. Like she said, when you reposition yourself, then things and people also will reposition themselves according to you. If they don’t, then you should have the courage to accept their moving away from you. And, I think, that is the crux of the matter – courage to accept the changes that might take place when you change.

I don’t know whether it is a positive point or not, but Shruti helps you see things for what they are very clearly, but she also makes it clear that the journey is yours to carry forward, at whichever pace you want. She helps you to see where you are all knotted up, but it is you who has to do the un-knotting. It is almost as if Shruti is standing on the other side where there lies only love, joy, purity and enlightenment and she holds out her hand to you and tells you that where you have to step to take that jump – but, in the end, you have to have the courage to jump. She will not pull or push you. And, Shruti is a living benchmark of what an ideal life should be, which encourages me to believe that someday I can get there and be in perfect unison with the Creator and with Creation.

-- Regards

Quotes about Relationships - Quotes about Relationships - Quotes about Relationships

"Spiritual relationship is far more precious than physical. Physical relationship divorced from spiritual is body without soul". - Mahatma Gandhi

"In the feminine reality, words in fact take a second place to emotions and the shifting moods of the relationship" - David Deida - The Way of the Superior Man

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