Raw Food Diet Blueprint
Breathwork & Raw Food Retreat

This 7 day Breathwork & Raw Food Retreat offers a breathwork & raw food diet blueprint to take away, enabling you to continue your practice for optimal health once you return home.

This retreat was originally planned for The Sanctuary in Puerto Escondido, Mexico. However, in 2018 i closed The Sanctuary as i had moved on to India so i could focus on my personal growth. I am however open to the possibility of offering this Raw Food Retreat and designing a Raw Food Diet Blueprint as a personal service (for individuals or groups} in a location of your choice. Contact Me if you would like to discuss this possibility.

Namaste, Atma

What is Breathwork?

Breathwork is a practice which helps you become more aware of your breath and to apply simple, powerful techniques to bring healing to body, mind and spirit. Most people only use half of their lung capacity. Practicing breathwork helps you to maximize the use of your lung capacity, therefore maximising the healing power of the breath.

Conscious breathing can help unblock and resolve unintegrated emotions, trauma and conflicts. Stress reduces, the mind becomes sharper, body and spirit connect more strongly to the life force.

Harnessing the power of your breath increases your capacity for joy, peace and love and deep, permanent healing on a cellular level.

During this retreat we will practice Conscious Connective Breathing, using guided breathwork audios by Robin Clements and Alana Solaris. The techniques are very natural and easy to remember. We all have this innate gift within us of simply allowing the respiratory system to naturally open and relax without pausing, controlling or forcing the breath. Gradually areas of your breath that have been shut down begin to open and vital oxygen and prana (life force energy) begin to restore the body/mind back to harmony, vitality and perfect health.

Why Raw Food?

"A Raw Diet detoxifies the body because all food is omitted except Raw Food."

"Cooking and processing not only deplete the nutrients in food, in some cases it also mutates the cellular structure of the elements composing that food. These mutations are often harmful to the body, whereas organic live (Raw) foods are harmless and mostly water: water distilled by nature."

- RAW SUCCESS by Matt Monarch

"In cooked foods, 100 percent of the enzymes are destroyed, 70–85 percent of the vitamins are destroyed, pesticides and fungicides break down to form toxic compounds, protein is 50 percent less assimilable because of coagulation, and there is an increase in free radical production. All our life processes depend on enzyme function. When enzymes are depleted, so is our vital force and health. Eating cooked foods causes a pathogenic leukocyctosis. If food is too hot, it can disrupt our digestive enzymes. When the physical level of the foods is disrupted through cooking, the energy and organization of the food SOEFs are partially disrupted.

The Essene secrets of food preparation and eating are to eat raw, living, whole, fresh, natural foods and to have a minimal time lapse between when the food is harvested and when it is eaten. This is the principle of authentic foods. Foods can be classified into four categories according to their cell renewal and regenerating capabilities: biogenic (raw sprouted nuts, seeds, grasses, and grains), which is cell regenerative; bioactive (raw fruits and vegetables), which maintains cell energy at a high level; biostatic (cooked, but organic), which creates a slow depletion of cell energy; and bioacidic (processed and adulterated), which is cell degenerative. The general recommendation for a maintenance diet for health and spiritual life is 80 percent live and 20 percent cooked foods, with 25–30 percent of the diet biogenic foods. The recommendation for a healing and most spiritualizing diet is a 100-percent live-food approach. A vegan, live-food diet and lifestyle could be the most potent diet and lifestyle for physical, emotional, and spiritual health on the planet."

- Spiritual Nutrition by Gabriel Cousens

Breathwork & Raw Food Diet Blueprint
Retreat Schedule


Arrival, meet and greet staff and guests.

1900 hrs - Evening Meal

2000 hrs - Breathwork Intro:- 3 Keys to Awakening your Breath audio interview with Gay Hendricks

Monday to Friday

0700 hrs - Meditation & Mantra Chanting

0745 hrs - Yoga Class

0900 hrs - Raw Live Breakfast Smoothie

1000 hrs - Breathwork Session

1130 hrs - Educational Presentation

1300 hrs - Raw Live Food Lunch

Afternoons free

1900 hrs approx. - Live Raw Food Evening Food

2030 hrs - Conscious Sharing Session (Monday, Wednesday & Friday or more)


0700 hrs - Meditation & Mantra Chanting

0745 hrs - Yoga Class

0900 hrs - Raw Live Breakfast Smoothie

Morning free

1300 hrs - Raw Live Food Lunch

Afternoon free

1900 hrs approx. - Live Raw Food Evening Food


0900 hrs - Raw Live Breakfast Smoothie

Goodbye's and departure

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