Raw Food Health Workshop

May 4-5th 2015

The Sanctuary is delighted to offer this Raw Food Health Workshop. It will be facilitated by Lynnette Astaire, a visual artist and raw food expert and author from New York. Check out her website Live Lynnette here. It is offered in English and Spanish. http://www.livelynnette.com/comida-cruda/

This workshop has finished, we are currently planning some new offerings with Lynnette for early 2016. Enquire

Raw Food Health Workshop Schedule

Each day the class will be presented between 2.30 and 5.30 pm on The Sanctuary rooftop palapa.

This workshop teaches the foundation of raw food for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert! Learn the art of vegan cheese and sprouting, revive your veggies with new sauces and texture techniques and explore ways to enjoy superfood smoothies for diet or dessert. Private juice detox
coaching  is also available.

Monday: CRAVE: Sweets + Smoothies
Calling all Choco-Holics and Sweet Tooths! This workshop will teach you the foundation of raw dessert making and how to blend delicious superfood smoothies for diet or dessert.You will also learn about the current pros and cons of sugar and explore the alternative options available.

  • syrups (cacao + fruit + caramel)
  • cream sauces (cashew + coconut)
  • no-bake brownie
  • strawberry parfait
  • fruit smoothies
  • chocolate pudding

Tuesday: SAVOR: Sauces + Seasonings + Cheeses + Sprouts
Learn the art of vegan cheese and sprouting. Revive your veggies with new sauces and texture techniques.  Find out what spices work best raw and which ones don't. This course also includes tips on how to prepare when entertaining picky eaters as well as hot/cold options. You will also learn about the current pros and cons of salt and explore the alternative options available.

  • sauces (cream + vinegar + mustard + mayonnaise)
  • seasoning (curry)
  • texture (marinating + "meat" +
  • cheeses (parmesan + cream cheese + cheddar)
  • sprouts (bean + seed + grain)
  • soups

PLUS: Essential tools for a raw vegan kitchen.
INCLUDES: Savor e-book (includes recipes + class notes)

Lynnette Astaire

Price of the Raw Food Workshop

    1 Day Price  - 300 pesos    2 Day Price - 600 pesos

Payment is required in advance to be sure of a space. Payment can be made in cash at The Sanctuary, or by Paypal (plus 5% processing fee). 

How do I Book a Space

To book your space complete our Guest booking form. We will then confirm availability and send you a Paypal Payment request, or agree a time for you to visit The Sanctuary to pay in cash.

Optional Extras

Vegan Lunch: + 80 pesos

Add meditation, yoga, breakfast smoothie, vegan lunch, evening food & sharing sessions - + 250 pesos per day

To reserve your space for the Raw Food Health Workshop, complete our Guest booking form.

Can I also Stay at The Sanctuary?

Yes, we would be delighted if you also choose to stay at The Sanctuary and experience all it has to offer, including daily meditation and yoga, nutritious vegan food, conscious sharing sessions, a holistic healing protocol and much more. Visit our Prices page to find out the cost of staying.

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