Reflecting on my Sanctuary Journey

by Christian
(Puerto Escondido)

October 2013. My time at the sanctuary is starting to draw to a close with only 3.5 weeks left, by that time I will have been here close to 4 months in total. My role has been different to the standard volunteer experience as I have been managing the Sanctuary with my wife.

In this role we have seen many volunteers, SEVA guests and paying guests come and go. We have seen the Sanctuary evolve through many different phases and cycles, and now looking back we are seeing it come full circle back to steady state ready for our transition out of the sanctuary.

One key learning we've had is that the Sanctuary always provides guests and volunteers with situations they need to experience in order to learn and progress in their lives. Sometimes these experiences are viewed as 'good” sometimes “bad” but always upon reflection they are seen as necessary and appropriate.

We have seen situations such as; physical illness, relationship issues, lessons about money and finances, people questioning everything in their lives, people taking time out to just be – to name just a few. For all of these lessons we have been with them every step of the way to support them in working through these issues, have experienced similar situations during my stay, and by extension the situation has also been a mirror for my own personal growth.

I have also observed is that these lessons are experienced in such a way that everyone always leaves the sanctuary more 'balanced' (as a result of these experiences) than prior to their arrival.

Which leaves me with my final statement; in staying at the Sanctuary you will be presented with a number of opportunities for learning, some will be pleasant, others less so, but all of them absolutely necessary for your own personal evolution.


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