Reiki and NLP with Stephanie

by Stephanie
(Puerto Escondido, Mexico)

Stephanie - Reiki Puerto Escondido

Stephanie - Reiki Puerto Escondido

Greetings! My name is Stephanie and I am happy and excited to share with you my offerings of Reiki Healing Sessions as well as NLP Breakthrough Sessions here at The Sanctuary.

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I am from Vancouver Canada and travelling the globe for passion, pleasure and assisting others with healing modalities. I'm currently staying in Puerto Escondido until the November 30th 2015 and available for bookings now. I'm an Usui Level 3 Reiki Master as well as a Master Practitioner of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).

I believe the more clear our mind and body becomes the more vibrant life lived becomes. When we are clear, our quality of life is enhanced and our day to day living becomes peacefully magical. So how does it occur? Why do we heal ourselve? We heal ourselves because we are feeling uneasy or in some type of mental or physical anguish. Our day to day life is not vibrant and we are not thriving and we do not know why. We feel fatigued or unmotivated, angry or sad and we are not sure how we got there or how to let it go. Most people do not realize they can actually let go of those old emotions and live more peacefully and relaxed with energy, vitality and in a positive direction. Our life path becomes realized and we then takes the necessary steps confidently with a free mind. We create dis-ease therefore we can uncreate it and free ourselves.

So how do we store emotions? How do we let them go?
When we observe an event in our life our unconscious mind takes a snapshot of that event and stores it deep within our mind and our bodies at the unconscious level, which we always have access to for later use. When the event occurs our state of mind at that precise moment determines how we perceive it emotionally. and then stores the emotions attached to the event deep within our unconscious mind and also into the body.

These emotions can be positive or negative in nature. When the emotions are negative in nature and do not support us we can easily retrieve them at the root cause, let them go. We essentially let-go of the emotion attached to the event for relief therefore allowing pure positive energy to come into our being.

A belief is simply a thought that is repeated over and over in our minds until we believe it to be true, however it may not be true at all. When this belief is unsupportive and stored in the mind body we can feel out of place, out of alignment and feeling dis-ease.

REIKI as well as NLP therapeutic healing will allow us to let go of the negative energy blocks and free us emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually so we can get on with our lives. With the help of a healing practitioner the memories and information stored at the unconscious level can be retrieved easily and comfortably using NLP Time Linked Hynposis and/or Reiki Healing Energy.

Our conscious mind acts out our daily life which is programmed through our unconscious mind. We are always in control and have the power to let go of any unsupportive emotions and create new positive, healthy beliefs that align with our highest self for our greatest and best good. Reiki Sessions are where a person lies down relaxed on a massage table as I hover my hands over the body and apply the Reiki energy. The energy will travel through me and through the person receiving the treatment allowing the energy to flow through and blow out and blockages they may have in the mind or body.

An NLP Breakthrough sessions is where the client is sitting upright and through the use of Time Linked Hypnosis Therapy we use a visual meditation whereby the client travels through time at the unconscious level to the root cause of the event that has caused a negative emotion, observes the event, dissociated, while letting go of the emotions of the event, creating new beliefs, coming back to now and feeling immediate results.

Both healing modalities are fast, quick and efficient in the shortest amount of time possible. Perfect. We go directly to the point, let go and get on with life!


* clear unwanted emotions of sadness, anxiety, stress, fear, fatigue etc.
* clear out spiritual debris
* reduce or let go of physical aches and pains
* deep relaxation
* let go of negative energy blockages
* restore physical and emotional well being
* renewed energy and vitality

Special Offer for Mexico
30 minute Power Session ~ 250 pesos
60 minute Relax Session ~ 500 pesos

NLP BREAKTHROUGH SESSION - 5 hours total in 2 sessions

* clear unwanted emotions of anger, sadness, fear, guilt etc.
* let go of unwanted beliefs at the root cause
* let go of old patterns no longer serving your highest self
* integrate scattered parts to become whole again
* discover your values in relationship (self & others), career, health, spirituality, family
* learn strategies and techniques to improve behaviour for excellence

1st Session Minimum 3hours, 2nd Session is 2hrs totalling a 5 hour Breakthrough Session.
Additional sessions are based on presenting problems and are usually booked with the first hour being 1 hour minimum.

Special Offer - 50% off regular rates:
1st Session 3 hours = 1500 pesos
2nd Session 2 hours = 1000 pesos
Additional Sessions: 60 minute Session 500 pesos

The work we do will be smooth and easy. Anything you say will not shock me. After we've completed the work you will leave feeling better, having made progress at the end of the first session. This depends how committed on you are to this, what kind of effort you put in and how prepared you are. Just show up willingly and all will fall into place. You will begin feeling better once you leave. Any content that you are comfortable sharing is fine. If anything is in the back of your mind and is not comfortable we can go content free. If at any point in the process you are not completely comfortable please know that I am 100% here to support you. Anything going on "inside" is relevant for me to know for my job is to follow you. If something "is" going on inside please tell me as I may mis it. Nothing you share is too weird or too wild; it will all pertain to what we are doing!

Stephanie is available for sessions between 9am & 6pm up the end of September, then from 10am to 7pm from 1st October.

To book a Reiki or NLP session with Stephanie, Send a message statting when you would like your session, or call 954 110 4020. If no reply from telephone, please Send a message

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