Reiki Self Healing

by Bek
(The Sanctuary, Puerto Escondido)

Reiki Healing

Reiki Healing

Reiki Self Healing

My spiritual awakening really begun with one simple Japanese word “Reiki.” When I was living in Brisbane, Australia in 2008 – I attended a one day level one course with Dorothy White from Reiki Academy. The memory of this day shines in my mind, I remember feeling like I was going to receive my super powers from the universe. This is what I expected, but of course Reiki awakened so much more in me.

I started to question everything, What is energy? How does it work? How could it help the world? Who is a healer? Of course this never ends as you learn more... I felt like my life went from being dependent to being the answer.

Over the years I slowly progressed in my degrees/levels of Reiki and now I am a Reiki master, I have channeled energy to assist the healing and calming of many beings, plants and objects. I remember once, while playing with this energy - my mobile phone went flat and I really needed to make a call on my flat phone, I sat and gave Reiki for 30 mins – this channeled enough “power” to turn my phone on and quickly make a call. I was amazed!

I have also helped many children sleep peacefully thought the night when they have been feeling ill all that day and I have helped people through difficult situations consisting of physical pain, depression, anxiety, stress, grief, worry and suffering. I have also witnessed it helping with clarity, goal setting, chakra clearing & rejuvenation. I feel blessed and have enormous gratitude for this white light that channels through me.

Each night before bed my husband and I commence Reiki self healing on ourselves for clearing, cleansing and calming before sleep. The energy gets a lot stronger as you commence the degree's. I can honestly tell you, we both can feel when the other is channeling this Reiki light because our bed would vibrate at such a frequency it's hard to focus and sleep. While living in Singapore we removed our bed base, we didn't sleep on mattresses with springs, we used a memory form mattress flat on the ground. However now we are traveling we sleep on may beds and just try to do our Reiki when the other wont be disturbed from sleep with the bouncing.

Everyone should have the ability to help others feel better, sometimes we feel helpless when others need help, Reiki is a key to assist in healing others and healing yourself.

On the 21st September 2013 i'm pleased to announce I will be facilitating a Reiki level 1 attunement at The Sanctuary from 9:30am – 4.30pm - lunch is included.
Cost: 550 pesos per person.

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Topics covered:

*History of Reiki
*Energy and Matter
*What is Reiki?
*Reiki Attunements explained
*Attuning students to Level 1 Reiki
*Experiencing the energy
*Learning to treat yourself with Reiki
*Learning how to treat others with Reiki
*Other uses of Reiki
*Explaining the benefits of Reiki Level 2

Should You Become Reiki Practitioner?

Definitely yes! In my opinion, everyone should receive attunement to first level, at least. Second and third degree are paths for more advanced spiritual growth, but first degree is meant for you, and those close to you. You can heal yourself using reiki self healing, and heal others, and begin your life anew – with, or without spirituality.

Some things may change, and some things may remain the same, but growth is the reason why we are here.

There is an argument among certain people, that they wish not to try Reiki, or that they don’t want to be initiated, because it won’t be a learning experience. But know this, believe that you need to learn everything on your own is false, and true at the same time.. Because you’re never alone, there are people here, who can help you get this “flash” first, so you can learn things later. Reiki initiation and general Reiki practice is such flash - you get the seed, and you can watch it grow as you like it. Reiki is very individual practice – you start it with teacher’s help, but everything else is your own, personal Reiki journey.

The more people receive Reiki, the better this world will be. That’s all. If there anything more that you wish to know about Reiki? Ask your questions in the comments below this blog, and I’ll be happy to answer them.

Many blessings to all. Bek

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