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Healing Haven is delighted to present a three week Relationship Answers Healing Retreat in Nainital, India, led by exceptional healer Shruti Kher. 

This retreat has now finished. Contact Shruti to arrange for a personal retreat.

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Imbalance of any kind--personal (mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual) as well as relational (family, partner, colleagues, etc.)--is the result of a lack of attunement and alignment with oneself. This retreat will offer you a unique understanding of what "Conscious Relationships" are.  It will provide insights and tools that can help you resolve and release the issues creating this misalignment in yourself, in your relationships, and in your life at large. Shruti Kher's work lays a solid foundation for healing by focusing on the root causes of dis-ease.

You will gain an unconventional understanding of what need-based relationship (abusive); interest-based relationship (with needs clearly stated and a fair exchange); compassion-based relationship, and love-based relationships are, and you will learn the difference between them.

By defining each of these relationships and examining our own individual relationship with self, family, partner, friends and others, we can become more aware of what is creating the challenges we are facing and how to outgrow them. The focus is on deep healing.

Who, Why, What, When, Where, How?

Who might this Relationship Answers Healing Retreat be suitable for?

This workshop is suitable for you if you are:

  • clear about your intention, wish and determination to bring radical, positive change into yourself and your life;
  • open and ready to look deeply into yourself and take full responsibility for your part (in relationships and life) in view of bringing about the desired changes;



  • You wish to relate better with yourself and others, be more calm and peaceful, rid yourself of fears and anxieties, and/or because you are unwell in some way (physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually);
  • You have looked at and even tried many other ways of healing and self-help and yet you have still not found the changes you were hoping for;
  • You really had enough of living the way you do and are very ready to make radical changes in every way.

Who is leading, facilitating and supporting the retreat?

Relationship Answers Healing Retreat

The retreat is being led by Shruti Kher, an extraordinary teacher and medical intuitive. Shruti has the uncanny ability to “read” a person’s core issues and their manifestation as dis-ease in the body and in one’s life.

Moreover, she can explain exactly the mind-body-environment relationship and exactly how one can outgrow a given challenge. Shruti’s depth of insight and her grounded wisdom are unique. Her abilities and techniques are the result of her own life experience.  

A life crisis, resulting in a grave illness in 1997, had led her to put away everything she knew. She learned to consciously re-form herself by setting her goals based on some fundamental values and modes of interaction -- e.g. compassion, honesty, truth, unconditional love -- and find the tools to work towards them. After seven years of dedicated focus on aligning her life with these values, people began asking her to share why her life was so unique and different from that of most. That is how she entered the realm of teaching and healing as a profession. You can read more about Shruti by clicking here.

Here is what Shruti has to say about herself and the Relationship Answers Healing Retreat:

"I would define myself by what is of great importance to me: non-duality and integration.

This requires living in a system of non-abuse at all levels and working always with ultimate timeless truths which are greater than the common definitions of gender, nationality, age, income bracket, social standing, profession, marital position, etc... Also, it requires relating to the world as a world citizen with an integrated inner system of non-duality at all levels of body, intellect, emotions, mind and spirit. In this system comes the study of interactions based on interest, compassion, and love, versus those that are need-based and abusive.

Living in this way brings in harmony, health and real integration which in turn bring us deep contentment and relationships based on who we actually are and where we aim to go. This is the foundational base for genuine and expanded relationships with others, which results in depth and intimacy."

Pete Adams and Doris Rohm, from The Sanctuary Healing Retreat Center in Mexico, during a three month break from the Sanctuary met one of Shrutis' students in Turkey when she offered an introductory talk and video about Vipassana meditation.

As a result of experiencing the presence of the student and telling them about Shruti, they met and started to work online with Shruti, via Skype and e-mail. They then decided to extend their trip, to visit Shruti in India and to help to organise and facilitate this Relationship Answers Healing Retreat. Pete and Doris are joining and taking part in the October 2013 retreat.

This retreat has now finished. Contact Shruti to arrange for a personal retreat.

Please also check our Healing Retreats page for current retreats at The Sanctuary in Mexico. Thank you.

What? - The Retreat Format

Although there will be some loose structure each day, which will include the sessions, some gentle exercise, meditation, energy work, etc, we invite participants to note that Shruti works in the flow of synchronistic unfolding--that is, emerging individual and group dynamics are addressed and dealt with moment to moment. This "unstructured" format is the result of Shruti’s naturally instinctive quality of work which has time and again proven to be an incredibly powerful and effective healing modality.  Shruti finds fun in everything she does, so there will be space for fun relationship questions to help nurture a lively and dynamic atmosphere.

The retreat will take place in 2 main parts, the first being 9 days, then a 1 day break, followed by a second 12 day session which includes a 3-day recap and closing period:

Relationship Answers Retreat Level 1 

“Relationship with Self”,  4-12 October 2013  (9 days)

Rest Day 13 October (1 day break)

Relationship Answers Retreat Level 2

“Relationship with Others & Partner”,  14-22 October 2013  (9 days)

“Recap and Closing”,  23-25 October 2013  (3 days)

Daily routine

Early rise (yoga asanas, breath work, stretching).

Workshop sessions


Workshop sessions (Cont’ed)

Break (time alone, light community work, application of teachings and exercises learned)

Dinner (social interaction as appropriate and possible)

Early bedtime

Participants with time constraints may discuss the possibility of arranging focused discussions and/or one-on-one sessions. This possibility is not guaranteed and would need to be confirmed by the organizers.

The Retreat Topics

Relationship Answers Retreat Level 1

“Relationship with Self”,  4-12 October 2013  (9 days)

Life purpose and goals—What do I want and why?

Who/How am I and why?

Understanding family patterns and conditioning (childhood pain)

Others and life as a reflection of self—Understanding recurrent patterns

Love vs. duty and need-based interactions

Understanding abuse

Understanding the hurdles to healing and change:

  • Resistance
  • Attachment
  • Cravings
  • Aversion
  • Judgment
  • Blame
  • Guilt
  • Numbness
  • Mental chatter
  • Addictions
  • Escapism and illusions,
  • Expectations and demands, etc.

Personal development—What does it mean?

Rest Day

On Sunday 13th October we will will take a break from the teachings. On this day you may choose to take a complete break to rest and assimilate what has been learned so far. The more energetic amongst us we may choose a hiking or trekking trip in the outer Himalayan foothills, or perhaps a more relaxing boat trip on Lake Naini. We can arrange either of these options if desired.

Relationship Answers Retreat Level 2

“Relationship with Others & Partner”,  14-22 October 2013  (9 days)

Re-evaluating and assessing life purpose and goals

Partner as one’s deepest reflection

Stepping out of abuse

Opening the heart

Defining Love (for self and others)

Self-centered vs. Centered-in-the-self

Boundaries and inner space

Practical applications in "outgrowing" (family conditioning, childhood pain) and "overcoming" (the hurdles to healing and change):

  • Stillness & Mindfulness
  • Breath-work
  • Cleansing and cellular memory release
  • Conscious living

“Recap and Closing”,  23-25 October 2013  (3 days)

How to stay healthy?

What is a healthy relationship?

How to maintain a healthy relationship?

Intentions and their impact.

Where is the Relationship Answers Retreat takig place?

The retreat will take place at the SOHAM Center for Healing and Learning in Conscious Living - located at the foothills of the Indian Himalayas in a lovely property in Nainital.  Nainital, "The glittering jewel in the Himalayan necklace", is a beautiful lake town nestled in the Himalayan range of the state of Uttarakhand. Our property, terraced gardens and fully functional apartments overlook the beautiful Naini Lake and offer a stunning view to this magical Himalayan valley.

In addition to benefiting from this unique workshop, you will also have the opportunity to develop a genuine relationship with a local family, have an authentic experience of the place and explore alternative lifestyles.

At SOHAM Center for Healing and Learning in Conscious Living, we promote the practice of deeply questioning and fully living the values that we say we hold dear. 

Here, guests also learn to understanding disease at all levels (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual), and how developing self-awareness is an essential part of living well, healthily and fully in every way.

We show a way of living which teaches one to tread gently on the earth and to consciously live well in society. This includes understanding personal relationships at all levels and learning about good exchange.  We teach experientially how all permanent and positive growth always takes place in parallel. That is, in parallel within all aspects of self (e.g. emotional, intellectual, spiritual, physical) and one’s life (e.g. personal and professional) and within all segments of society, and the environment. This perspective, which we call "parallel thinking" and growth lead to the expression of all aspects of a person and eventually to living consciously—this is empowerment.

Guests and participants of the Relationship Answers retreat learn about connectedness and how decisions made from a place of consciousness benefit all at all times and work towards the highest good of all. So, we do not support growth in only one sector, or one class etc., as it is our experience that all good growth makes a positive impact everywhere.

We also work to create opportunities for those who are disadvantaged. We help rural areas not be overtaken by commercial activity that is damaging to their environmental and cultural assets. We do so through facilitating environmental - and other - awareness programs, helping the locals earn off their land sustainably, creating job opportunities for youth in their home place, and through non-invasive eco-tourist activities.

For more information on SOHAM please click here

This Relationship Answers retreat has now finished.

Contact Shruti to arrange for a personal retreat.

Please also check our Healing Retreats page for current reatreats 

at The Sanctuary in Mexico. Thank you.

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