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I created this relationships videos page back in 2012 partly to share some of the many books, audios and videos that have helped me improve my relationships and life over past years.

There are many ways to learn about improving relationship, but it was not until late 2005 just before I moved abroad to Turkey, that I even contemplated the possibility of improving my relationships or even that there was a need to do so! Up to that point my learning was by way of simply stumbling through relationships and life.

Around that time, having been through a divorce and difficulties in newer relationships, I started discovering some mind opening teachings.

The three which I remember most from those early days are The Human Source Code by Andi Mac and Jag Steward, The New Warrior Training Adventure from The Mankind Project, and the video What the Bleep Do We Know . Although I would not class What the Bleep as a relationship video, I include it below as it had such a huge impact on my consciousness and therefore in the longer term helped me to improve my relationships.

Since then I have come across many more wonderful teachings, and I am pleased to share some more below:

Non Violent Communication (also known as Giraffe Language due the giraffe being the animal with the biggest heart) by Marshall Rosenburg, was introduced to me by my friend Geoffery Torkington who at the time was the head teacher at Agama Yoga Mexico. Geoff's passions now include Tibetan Singing Bowls which he imports from Nepal through his business The Elephant Bowl.

Although I was very slow on the uptake with NVC, I am now quite passionate about learning and practicing as a means to open my heart and of course improve my relationships. I am also intending to begin offering Non Violent Communication workshops and retreats at The Sanctuary Holistic Healing Center when Doris and I return to Mexico in November 2013.

I encourage all to watch the video below to learn how Giraffe Language can help in all areas of life.

The Bridge is a free daily e-mail from The Intenders of the Highest Good, written by Tony Burroughs which I was told about when I first came to Mexico in December 2008. A couple of years later, having met Tony in Oregon and bought his book The ReUnion - A Parable for Peace, I was so inspired by it that i recorded myself on video reading it. Thank Tony for your permission to do so.

Although The ReUnion is not strictly a relationship video, the lessons therein will most certainly help improve relationships, so it is here!

Another very influential teacher in my life has been David Deida who teachings include relationship and sexuality, in particular by way of explaining how the masculine and feminine energies relate in each of us.

I was first introduced to David Deida and his book The Way of the Superior Man when I was studying yoga in Thailand. His teachings have most definitely helped me to become a better human being. The video recordings below entitled "Spirit, Sex, Love" show highlights from one of David Deida's live seminars.

I will also be adding more relationships videos from both David Deida and others to this page as time goes by, so please sign up for the Healing Haven Newsletter to be notified of new additions. Enjoy.......


ps. Today (1st September 2013) after creating this page, I watched the wonderful relationship movie Fireproof in which the marriage of Caleb and Catherine Holt is in crisis and they decide to divorce. However, Caleb's father, John, proposes that his son delays their separation process for forty days and follow a procedure called "The Love Dare" to make them love each other again.

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