RICH Energy Healing & Body Process

by Meryl Vandana Brinin
(Brooklyn, NY)

Meryl Vandana Brinin & Patrick Arden Mcnally

Meryl Vandana Brinin & Patrick Arden Mcnally

RICH Energy Healing & Body Process Weekend-Tools For Transformation

The RICH Healing Level 1 weekend experience will give you tools to create dynamic change in people’s lives and bodies (including your own) with total ease! The processes and techniques from RICH Healing™ are easy to learn / use and after a two day class, you will have all the tools you require to start creating massive change in people’s lives! You will experience intense activations and attunement that will raise your body and vibration to a level far beyond anything you’ve experience on this planet before!

This class is for beginners and master healers alike! By the end of the class you will have the tools to affect massive change in your life and the lives of others.

Watch a video of the Advanced Body Processes from a Live-streamed Class In NYC

The two main areas we will be going into in the Level 1 class are:
RICH Body Healing Energy Processes, Living a Conscious Life–Tools and Awareness's.

The Body Healing Energy Processes includes tools and techniques for:

Healing the Body and Energetic Flows of the Body – A really intense form of healing to contribute to the body’s pathways being open so it can regenerate any places that are not healthy instantly and effortlessly.

Here is a list of some of the body process work we will be covering in class:

Connection with Earth – This process connects your body with the energies of the Earth. It opens your natural pathways of gifting and receiving energy with the Earth.

Sexual Healing – opens up the flows of sexual energy in the body, clears out the trauma and drama you’ve experienced around sex and sexual experiences in any lifetime and restores the peace and joy in sex and allows you to use more sexuality in your interactions with others if you choose it.

Clearing out the Polarities from the Body – Dissipates the polarities in the body that lock in thoughts, feelings and emotions from this lifetime and any other lifetime so you can be free of them and allow the body to heal itself effortlessly

Living from the Space of an Expanded Being – This process allows you and your body to exist in a space expanded out as big as the Universes and Beyond. This contributes to less stress, more power and the ability to receive contribution from everyone and everything in the Universe for whatever you ask for. This brings you in to a waking state of meditation and allows you to receive contribution from Every molecule in the entire Universe for anything you ask for.

Unlocking the Awareness's you had while on Drugs and Alcohol – When you use drugs or alcohol (even pharmaceutical drugs) you activate certain talents and abilities and also have increased awareness's that get locked into your brain when you come off the drugs so you don’t have access to them in normal day-to-day life. When this process is run, it opens up these awareness's and allows you to integrate them so you have access to them in your daily life. It helps overcome experience triggers (i.e. certain music making you cry for no reason), reclaim the talents and abilities you awakened while on drugs and so much more.

For two days you will be using these body healing energy processes on yourself and others to create changes in the body using these super intense and light energies from the RICH Healing™ toolkit. You will receive guided instruction and transmissions of energy from Patrick and Meryl and then be allowed to flow free, knowing what you know, with their support the whole time!

The RICH Healing Experience Of Stepping Into Oneness Includes A Training Manual & A Healing Practitioner Certification upon completion of the class.

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