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Shakti Cura

Song of Healing Shakti Cura is based on a successful model for supporting community, healing, learning, art and connection borrowed from similar groups named Shakti Cura in Berkeley and San Francisco, California. 

This is a bi-lingual event taking part every Sunday.  Local and visiting healers, masseurs, artists, musicians and community lovers gather at The Sanctuary, a holistic healing center in a spacious 3 story mansion close to La Punta Beach, for a free gathering of mini-workshops, art, music and especially hands-on therapies.

Our SHAKTI CURA event is currently not taking place each Sunday as we have found it takes too much energy for our volunteer staff to organise & promote every week.

We will revive Shakti Cura in the future so leave this page here. If you are interested in organising and running this event at The Sanctuary, please contact us.

Please visit our current schedule to find out whats on.

In addition to many free or by donation activities, generally between 6 and 15 healers (and other professionals) will be available offering 30 minute sessions in their own modality with a sliding scale charge of $75 to $300 Mexican Pesos.

At 4.30 pm every Sunday, Sanctuary Sundays Song of Healing Shakti Cura will usually start with a Dharma talk and/or meditation, perhaps a short yoga or quigong warm up session followed by an introduction from the healers taking part. You will then have the opportunity if you wish to book a half hour healing session for the 5.30 to 7.30 pm healing space time.

Winding down from the healing sessions and other co-creative workshops and activities, there will likely be a short closing meditation before moving to the rooftop palapa space for Ecstatic dance.

Shakti Cura  Schedule

1500 - 1530 Registration/Selection of Healers who have not previously registered.

1530 - 1630 Set up time for healers and artists.

1630 - 1730 Guests Arrive, Meet & Greet, Introduction, Meditation, Book Sessions.

1730 - 1930 Sanctuary Sunday Song of Healing (Healing Sessions and Art & Co-Creation Time)

2000 - 2130 Ecstatic Dance after Party

What's the Cost of Shakti Cura ?

The Sanctuary is operating as a not for profit organisation, and although we have many expenses we are aware that some, if not many people are unable to afford cash payments for healing. We therefore do our best to accommodate everyone by offering a mix of services and events which are either chargeable, by suggested donation, by other energy exchange, or even free.

Our Sanctuary Sundays Song of Healing weekly event is offered with free entrance (although donations will be gladly accepted :-). There will be many activities throughout the afternoon and evening for which no charge is made.

Some options with a cost, which in some instances will help The Sanctuary to cover some of our expenses are:

Fruit and Tea Tasting Bar - A mix of up to 10 different health teas and concoctions. - $35 Pesos

Healing Sessions - From local and visiting Healers - $150 pesos per half hour session.  If you are unable to afford this, subject to availability and the healers agreement, it is possible for you to instead offer a 2 hour work exchange at The Sanctuary. In theses circumstances the healer is rewarded with 5 raffle tickets for the following weeks raffle.

Healing Haven Shop - At The Sanctuary we have a healing shop offering many items for sale from semi-precious stones and crystals, medicinal tinctures, "yoga" clothing and even Vegan Ice Cream! We also have a "Spiritual" Library consisting of many wonderful healing books, which are available to borrow, usually with a small deposit.

Raffle Tickets for free massages, creativity classes, energy healing, FIR Sauna sessions and many other gifts donated by the healers and guests from the local community. Raffle tickets cost 30 pesos for 1, 50 pesos for 2, 100 pesos for 5 or 180 pesos for 10. Tickets are on sale from around 5.30 pm on Sundays until the raffle is drawn around 5pm the following Sunday.

How can I participate ?

If you would like to join us as a guest, all you have to do is turn up at 4.30 pm on Sundays. Click here for our address, directions and a map. It would be best if you arrive 5 to 10 minutes early to be sure to catch the opening introductory talk and meet & greet.

If you would like to participate as a healer, artist, workshop giver or musician, it would be best for you to pre-register by completing the healing service description form below. This will serve a dual purpose, both providing your information to us so we can select / interview those wishing to offer their services, and also will provide a description of your service so those planning to come as a guest know what is on offer.

If you have not pre-registered by completing the form below, in order for us to maintain quality and reserve a space, please come at 3pm or Sunday or even better contact us a few days in advance.

The Sanctuary is a budding not-for-profit Healing, Education and Yoga Community in La Punta, Puerto Escondido Mexico which specializes especially in supporting people with difficult health challenges and inspiring its community to live more creatively and authentically.  We probably offer all you would expect and more. Volunteer exchange and partial volunteer exchange is also available.  

Please join us on Sundays to support your local healers to do what they do best.

Please note that we have a no "drugs" / no smoking / no alcohol policy at The Sanctuary.

song of healing

Healing Services Being Offered for Sanctuary Sundays

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