Spiritual Healing Retreat - Year Round

As Spiritual Healing Retreat s we offer the following workshops / retreats all year round. For our scheduled retreat visit this page.

Raw or Coconut Water or Juice Cleanse
A 7 Day Retreat (or choose your own length of stay)

Would you like a jump start detox for better health?

During this healing retreat, each weekday afternoon one of our staff will facilitate a 90 - 120 minute teaching about nutrition, either by way of audio, video, a reading or live talks with one of our staff. These lessons will help keep your motivation high and help you maintain healthier eating & learn practical cleansing techniques for when you return home. 

Juice and Coconut Water Cleanse

Have you seen the movie Super Juice Me? Check it out, you will probably be astounded by the results.

This is a chance for you to "push the reset button" with four x 375 ml freshly made juices and coconut water. every day.


Raw Food Cleanse

Not ready for liquid only? Try a Raw Food Detox instead.

The nutrition element of the 7 day raw food detox retreat will comprise of three days consuming raw smoothies and soups, followed by four days with the addition of some solid vegan raw food.

As part of the learning experiece of this retreat to further help your healing journey, and to keep the retreat price low, you will help our staff to prepare some of the juices, smoothies or raw food meals each day.

Included in the Juice/Coconut Water Cleanse or Raw Food Cleanse, is shared room accommodation, daily meditation, daily yoga (Mon to Fri), as well access to The Sanctuary evening workshops, our baseline healing protocol and much more.

All inclusive price for a One Week Retreat: 9,500 pesos

Send a message to ask any questions or to register your interest and reserve your space

Non Resident Option (0645 - 2130 hrs without accomodation)

$3,000 Pesos for 7 days or 450 pesos per day for shorter periods.

For longer periods after the first week (not including our daily program - ie. juice only) 250 pesos per day.

Optional Extra's

See our "Community Living Personal Healing Retreat" (below) for optional Personal Guidance Sessions. Also visit our Healing Therapies Page to see how you could enhance your stay with massages, Reiki healing and more.

Childhood Deconditioning Retreat

This 2 week Childhood Deconditioning healing retreat includes a ten session process from the Osho tradition. 

"We all get stressed trying to keep up with our fast moving world. As a result, the child in us, feeling again wounded and abandoned, withdraws. We can fuction but we cannot really feel. To bring back that child into our life we need time and space to reach it at it's frozen core. The result is always stunning: once it is acknowledged and embraced, the child in us has a bountiful store of unused energy and gifts to give back into our adult life."

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Intuitive Development & Crystal Healing Workshop

This workshop is offered by Jessica DeHita for those people who already practice energy healing such as Reiki or Pranic healing & would like to develop their sensitivity for energies & diagnosis to a deeper level.

Learn more about Jessica who is facilitating the workshop

The workshop will start at 7am, pause for a breakfast smoothie at 9am, then continue until 1pm.  A delicious vegan lunch is included in the price and will be served at 1pm.

Cost - 950 pesos (900 pesos for residents)

Send us a message to book your space

Healing Naturally

This spiritual healing retreat will be facilitated by staff at The Sanctuary. During your stay you will learn about a variety of natural methods for self-healing and be provided with tools and practical advice to use both during your stay and after you leave.  If you have been diagnosed with cancer, diabetes, depression or epilepsy or virtually any other dis-ease, or if you wish to learn how to prevent disease, then this retreat is for you.

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spiritual healing retreat - spiritual healing retreat - spiritual healing retreat

Community Living Personal Healing Retreat

Come to stay as a guest for your own personal retreat. You will receive a bed in a shared room, three healing vegan meals per day, access to our daily program of yoga and healing lectures etc.  You will also be invited to make use of (and offered guidance with) our baseline healing protocol including use of MMS, enema and FIR Sauna. 

Guests are able to choose any length of stay, the daily cost being less for longer stays. Please visit our Schedule & Prices page to see our daily program and for prices which depend upon your chosen length of stay. 

As an example, you could stay 1 week for 3,150 Pesos (approx US $250) as a guest. Remember, this includes food, accomodation, yoga and use of our healing protocol.  

We suggest that to optimise your experience, you add optional Personal Guidance Sessions which can include an initial (on day 1 or day 2 of your stay) 1 hour session to help tailor a protocol specifically for you followed by additional daily (or as required) 15 or 30 minute sessions to check your progress and offer further guidance. 

Initial Personal Guidance Session  (1 hour) - 375 pesos (approx. US $30)

Follow up Personal Guidance Sessions as required (per 15 minutes) - 125 pesos (approx. US $10)

Also visit our Healing Therapies Page to see how you could enhance your stay with massages, Reiki healing and more.

Scheduled Spiritual Healing Retreat s

We also offer many scheduled spiritual healing retreat s by date in addition to those listed above.

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Please note that we rely mostly on our work exchange staff and volunteer guests to operate our community. 

Our daily schedule (including yoga classes) is facilitated by both our staff, guests and volunteer guests. What is offered, will depend upon who is staying in our community and what they have to share. It may not always be possible to fully maintain this schedule, yet often we offer more.

This also applies to support available to guests taking advantage of our healing protocol, our juice fasting, raw food & other retreats. We have an ample supply of guidance by way of books, video & audio. Professionally qualified support is not included in our standard pricing as we do not employ staff for this purpose. We do offer our guests introductory support meetings with our management team, but these are limited to about 20 minutes. Further weekly meetings are available on request. With advance notice, we can offer more in depth personal guidance sessions as an optional extra at a cost of around 400 pesos per hour.