Healing Haven's Spiritual Warrior Program


My name is peter. I would like to share with you and invite you to consider joining the Healing Haven Community Spiritual Warrior Program.

What is a Spiritual Warrior?

"The term "Spiritual warrior" has been used in a variety of contexts and has been adopted by a variety of individuals who may not share a common understanding of the term. In general, a "Spiritual warrior" is someone who embraces the more noble personal attributes and strengths associated with warriors in general. In general, a "Spiritual warrior" is someone who masters him or her self, and overcomes personal desire, moral issues, and all weaknesses of character. In general, a "Spiritual warrior" is someone who embraces a journey of self discovery in order to benefit others as well as enlighten him or her self."

Please be sure to read this more full description of a Spiritual Warrior.

What is Healing Haven's Spiritual Warrior Program?

Our level one Spiritual Warrior Program includes an (all-inclusive of shared room accommodation, vegan food, daily schedule and holistic healing protocol) 1 month stay in The Healing Haven Community, either partly at The Pharm and partly at The Sanctuary, or entirely at The Pharm. This will depend upon the option you choose below.

The Spiritual Warrior Program is offered at The Pharm and The Sanctuary in Puerto Escondido, Mexico.  This voluntary program (you don't have to do it) offers a Disciplined Practice to help cleanse the mind, body and soul to help us more fully perceive who we really are, and to help us to think, speak and act in more loving ways.

If you choose to join this program, in addition to (or instead of if applicable) our normal requirements for a Work Retreat or Work Exchange, on top of your chosen weekly working hours, you will also choose to commit to the following disciplines:

  • Join a minimum of 10 morning/evening meditations each week.
  • If/when staying at The Sanctuary, join a minimum of 4 yoga classes (or approved alternative) each week.
  • Join at least 4 of our evening sharing sessions each week if/when staying at The Sanctuary.
  • Attend, on time, at least 15 of the 18 community meals served each week (Monday to Saturday).
  • Fast with water or coconut water on a Sunday at least twice during your stay.
  • Commit to 15 hours of study/training every week which will be provided by way of books/articles to read, audios to listen to, videos to watch, and attending a minimum of two live presentations each week. This can mean up to 40 hours per week of work and study + meditation, yoga & evening sharing sessions as above.
  • Abstain from alcohol, tobacco, and sacred medicines for the entire month program.
  • Beginning before your stay, and continuing throughout your stay, practice The Presence Process Procedure (or an approved alternative).

Depending upon what you have to offer, you may well be asked as part of your working hours, to share some of your skills with other Spiritual Warrior Program participants by way of a live presentation.

"Being a Spiritual warrior has nothing to do with physical battle, making war, fighting or being mean and tough. The battle of the Spiritual warrior is the mastery of one's self."

Options/Costs for joining the Spiritual Warrior Program

We are currently offering this as an optional addition to our monthly Work Retreat programs, at an additional cost of $100 USD for the entire month.

The total cost for the month, staying initially at The Pharm, then for the last 2 weeks at The Sanctuary, will therefore be:

Karma Guest (10 hrs work per week + study etc.) - $950 USD


Karma Yogi (15 hrs work per week + study etc.) - $750 USD


Karma Staff (20 hrs work per week + study etc.) - $550 USD

Local Puerto Escondido Residents not requiring accommodation receive a 50% discount. Full program & food included.


For those unable to (or perhaps unwilling) to pay for one of the above options (which include staying at The Sanctuary for 2 weeks), we offer a very limited number of supported placements staying entirely at The Pharm:

Full Work Exchange at The Pharm (25 hours work per week + study etc.).   For this option usually we ask for just a $150 USD bond which is refundable on successful completion of the program.


Personal Retreat

(no work). Our intention in the near future is to offer this program to our guests as a Custom Retreat, (which will also include some workshops from experts in raw food preparation and other healing modalities) with an additional charge of $340 USD per week on top of the cost of a Personal Retreat, therefore making the charge $690 USD per week.

Money is no object. 

We are preparing to begin accepting some payments using a new local exchange system named Puerto Cambio


You will be required, as part of the program to complete a time sheet on a daily basis as a record of both work and study. This will be reviewed daily by our scheduler. You will also have a weekly review with an appointed "mentor".

Upon successful completion of the Spiritual Warrior Program, you will be awarded a Healing Haven Spiritual Warrior Certificate.  Those participants receiving certification for this level one Spiritual Warrior Program, will be eligible to join additional levels of our Spiritual Warrior Program as we make them available in the future.

How can I apply for the Spiritual Warrior Program?

To apply for our Spiritual Warrior Program, please go to our Work Retreats page, being sure to completely read the Requirements section, then completely read our Terms and Conditions page and our FAQ page.

Please do not underestimate the importance of (starting before you arrive, and continuing while you are here) the 10 week Presence Process Procedure (as taught in The Presence Process book). I have found from experience that in general, those who have this grounding (no blame, consciousness of oneness, complete self-responsibility) are far more likely to experience integration of stuck emotions and release of tensions. For those who do not willingly embrace this attitude, it is more likely that the possibility of a sometimes dissatisfying experience may arise.

In my opinion this often comes about because the self-responsible person knows that WHATEVER is happening is REQUIRED (whereas what is desired is not necessarily what is required) for spiritual growth, especially when ego is challenged. Those who do not fully embrace these principles, are often not prepared to contain potential reactions, instead fully feeling whatever arises (which then begins to integrate the emotional blockages which cause upset), and therefore sometimes, if not often, distract themselves from fully feeling, perhaps by blaming others, or in other ways.

It is therefore very important that before you apply for our Spiritual Warrior Program, that you do indeed read the required pre-application reading (the first chapter of Radical Forgiveness and up to the end of the Aligning Intent in Part I in The Presence Process). Having done that, as long as you are happy and are prepared to embrace the principles you will learn reading the above when challenging situations come up (which they inevitably will), and that you willingly choose to follow the required disciplines above, then please go ahead and apply by returning to the Work Retreats page and completing the application form.

"Being a "Spiritual warrior" means a life commitment. It means the embrace of discipline, study and long intense training sometimes at the sacrifice of comfort and convenience. Being a Spiritual warrior also means understanding your principles and not compromising them. It is easier said than done."

Any other Questions?

If you have any questions, having read all of the above, including all the links, please send a message with your questions, or to arrange for a Skype call to talk in person.

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