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Sweat so good.

Sweat so good.

I arrived at The Sanctuary close to 2 weeks ago, and am currently on day 4 of the Juice Fast. As the universe does, I was given the information about The Sanctuary right around a time that I was feeling quite stuck. After graduating college and then graduate school I went straight into work, certainly an ideal situation, especially since I love my city and occupation (living in New Orleans doing Social Work. But that feeling of being stuck still existed and I needed a change. So I quit my job, moved my stuff into storage, and was welcomed to the Team here in Puerto Escondido.

It has been a beautiful transition, getting back to the Earth by gardening, being mindful about what I’m consuming, and spending some time at the beach each day. Also, it has been so wonderful and informative to go through the cleansing process with others - two other volunteers, Pete, and myself are all fasting and cleansing together - making it much more pleasant and supportive. Even Doris, who has chosen not to completely stick with juice, is wonderfully supportive.

It is certainly going to be a beautiful 3 months here at The Sanctuary, learning more about myself in such a lovely communal living space.


Ps. the picture attached to this blog post is me in the FIR Sauna- probably my favorite way of cleansing- sweating everything out, while still being able to breathe :)

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