Study Energy Healing with Life Alignment Technique

by Alex
(Kalbaskraal, Western Cape, South Africa)

Life Alignment ( is a form of energy healing that has been developed over the past 20 years.

It combines the use of muscle testing, energy balancing with the hands and with vortex cards, a system of body points, and deep emotional processing.

It can be used as a stand-alone technique, or combined with multiple other systems for healing and energy-work.

Each system of energy healing has it's own strengths and weaknesses, areas of special aptitude, and blind spots.

Life Alignment works at a very subtle , very 'high', set of frequencies. This means that one of its great strengths is connecting to Source (in whatever form the client is guided to do so) and to positive emotions (love, compassion, peace, joy etc), and that another is transformation. So while you can use Life Alignment for palliative care, or to treat a headache, this is not playing to its strengths.

Life Alignment is often turned to by clients who have 'tried everything', but the illness or problem persists. It is excellent for persistent or recurrent symptoms, and especially those which may be related to trauma or personality type.

It is a particularly compatible technique for clients such as HSPs (Highly Sensitive Persons), people who are sensitive to EM pollution, negative earth energies etc, psychically gifted individuals, artists/creatives, and spiritual seekers.

As a practice, Life Alignment is a good tool for sensitives in general.

Another aspect to the technique is its comprehensiveness, specificity, and precision. If you enjoy the body point system of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Applied Kinesiology or similar schools of energy healing, then Life Alignment has similar levels of complexity and accuracy. There is enough information for many years of study, or for two weekends worth of courses - the level you take it to is up to you...

Another quality of the technique is that it is containing. The protocols and procedures of Life Alignment are quite structured, and ensure that permission is granted both by the client's conscious mind, and higher self, as well as the practitioner's higher self. Each balance stands alone, so that the client does not end a session in a state of hyper-arousal, or halfway through a deep emotional process.

Similarly, there is a great deal of protection, so both client and practitioner do not have to fear psychic attack, or other hazards of opening the energy field to outside influences. Rather, the client is gently guided to make the shifts necessary to come into alignment with his or her higher potential, to heal, integrate and bring into balance his or her inner world, and to move forward in alignment with a Higher Power. At no point does either the client or the practitioner surrender blindly to a process over which he or she has no control or understanding.

These containing qualities make Life Alignment safe, supportive and empowering for both client and practitioner.

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