Sun salutation and key to wellness

by ashutosh mukherjee
(kolkata India)

prayer of devotion  as sun yoga posture1

prayer of devotion as sun yoga posture1

I teach yoga in different yoga retreat in India on hire basis. It is since 28 years of my experience and involvement on yoga through practice with prescribed posture, pranayam, Mudra and meditation it is the sun of its supreme energy and seven spectrum that generate inner energy of life which also helps both body and mind to achieve ultimate desire and goal .

It is an ancient practice of the people specially those who always do believe that maintaining good health effectively is possible when you interact or communicate between body and soul, Thus energy can be revitalized and extracted on certain form and practice by yogic means of prescribed poses in the early morning from rising Sun that is what we say as “Yoga” in Indian language means to add between the body energy with supreme energy.

Yoga as you know is derived from Sanskrit word that Link with supreme energy or Union traditionally refers to one of the five major way of Hindu philosophy that described the path to enlightenment.

There are 12 th Yoga postures of sun salutation . Sun as supreme energy and acceleration of seven spectrum sun Yoga postures restores right relationships between you and God which have the effect of restoring harmony in your mind
The truth is you can’t have good health and longevity unless you have achieved harmony with your creator. The natural result is that the pursuit of health is a pursuit of harmony with God first and for most.

in Yoga theory there are three bodies of different means and realization. These three are:
1) sthul sarir -The plain/materialist body, (The body we see)
2) Sukha sarir. The auspicious body/ consciousness of inner mind of body
3) Karaan sarir( The body as conceived in the vedanta or spiritual achievement of soul .

The main objective of the entire element to reach Sachiddanad sawarup ( supreme consciousness/)

To be continued on next............. Yogaashu(ashutosh mukherjee)

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