tarot Reading workshop

Tuesday 17th- Wednesday 18th of March: 2-4 pm

Martine.T.Merle was born in France. Her life journey started very young ,and she has travelled extensively from celtic to asian and american tradition. She is an artist and a tarot reader. Her interest in the tarot started nearly 30 years ago,prompted by the need to understand what was happening in her life from a more symbolical and philosophical point of view. She has practiced ever since. Mostly autodidact learner,she feels that the adventure of life itself is the master teacher. She considers herself an intuitive and a sensitive, and an explorer of the mystery of existence. She sees the tarot as a tool for self knowledge as well as a book of wisdom,a guide to more conscious living,and a symbol of the souls journey.

I am offering you an introduction into the major arcana and minor arcana.
The standard Tarot deck which is commonly in use today consists of 78 cards.
There are 22 Major Arcana or Trumps. These cards are thought to represent the Higher parts of our consciousness and have been linked with the Archetypes proposed by Jung.
The Minor Arcana are concerned with the everyday, mundane affairs of day to
day living such as work, school, the home and relationships.

Cost: 800 pesos. Included in the workshop is a free reading.

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