Thai Massage Workshop

by Shaba Kawn
(Puerto Escondido)

Shaba Kawn

Shaba Kawn

Shaba Kawn will be teaching the principles of Thai Massage and how to build a healing relationship both giving and receiving in this oriental art. A 70 minute massage routine will be the goal of this 2 day workshop for all participants. Geoff Torkington will also be supporting the space with Tibetan Singing Bowls, bringing his mix of meditation, relaxation and chanting.

$500 Mex

June 1 Saturday 9 to 1pm
June 2 Sunday 9 to 1pm
Location: Cafe Cito, Rinconada, Puerto Escondido.

Los invito a experimentar el arte de dar y recibir atraves del thai massage y conectar con tu paz interna atraves del sonido sanador de los cuencos tibetanos, realmente toda una experiencia!
Muy recomendable para todos y un placer,poder recibir la experiencia que Shaba y Geoff nos compartiran en esta ocasion.
El taller sera sabado 1 y domingo 2 de junio de 9 am a 1pm
El lugar, atras de "cafecito de rinconada" en la palapa 3er piso
El costo, $500 los 2 dias
Mas info: con Sofia Agaton, 954 114 32 69

Shaba Kawn is an expert in Chi Gong, energy healing and Oriental Massage. He worked professionally for 14 years in this field including as a professors of oriental medicine at Dragon Rising, Gainsville, Florida.

"Shaba is an AMAZING bodyworker. The best I have ever experienced" - Doris Rohm - Co-founder of The Sanctuary

Geoff Torkington is the founder of Agama Yoga Mazunte and The Elephant Bowl. He imports Tibetan Singing Bowls from Nepal, sells them and does sound healing. He will be teaching a healing, authentic communication, Yoga and Tibetan Singing Bowl workshop for 5 days at The Sanctuary June 4 to 9 ($4000Mex).

Both are guests through June 9th at The Sanctuary, La Punta, Puerto Escondido.

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