Things that I've learned at The Sanctuary

by Saar

With my departure from The Sanctuary coming closer and closer, I would like to share a couple of insights I've had while staying at this healing center during the last 1.5 months.

- Letting go equals taking control, not the loss of it. By letting go of fears and irrational thoughts, destructive patterns and personality traits, you are able to fully step into your light and power – allowing for a life to savour and love.

- The joys of living in a community; it is hard to describe how and what happens when you put a bunch of beautiful souls in one house together. They lift each other up, challenge one another, teach and share their most amazing gems of knowledge, and together put out a vibe of positivity that is impossible to shake off. (No, I haven't tried to. Nor do I desire to!)

- The Universe will throw shitbombs at you – it is your choice to let them hit you hard, or to open your arms and willingly receive them. They hold a lesson and will take you where you need to be.

- I know so much more than I thought I did.

- I am so Divinely guided, and am so grateful for having my guides around me, for getting in touch with them, for feeling their presence and being able to thank them.

- I deserve to be happy. I can let go of the beliefs that I deserve to struggle, or that things need to be hard.

- I have such a gift to help and educate people; it is a blessing to hold this gift and share it.

- There is no place in my life for playing small. Game Over.

- Being free(-spirited) is awesome; to realize how I have my own back and can shape my own life. That is perfect and fine.

- I should tune in with myself more often. All the answers are right there, inside of me.

- Eating light and cleansing equals being a clearer channel for energy to come in and a stronger connection to guides and answers.

- The attitude of Gratitude, whether it is by sharing (I will miss our morning meetings and heart shares) or by journalling, there is no better way to be aware of how amazing life is - and manifest even more greatness - then by being grateful for all that is, has been and will be.

Thank you, thank you, thank you - to all the wonderful guests, seva guests, volunteers (all the hearts for Gab, Klarissa, Hans and Christina) and - most of all - Bek and Christian, for being part of my journey. Guiding me, challenging me, comforting me. For being part of my stepping into my spotlight, out of the books and into the world. Here's to sharing knowledge, desires, exchanging energy, being connected wherever our physical bodies may travel, and the trust we shall meet again.

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