Thrive! Yoga and Meditation Healing Retreat with Real Evolution Yoga

by Kevin McQuillan
(Playa Negra, Costa Rica)

You don’t “catch” many of today’s diseases. More and more research shows what we have known for years: Mind is inseparable from body. Where the mind goes the body follows. Or, what you have in your body you also have in your mind.

Most disease is a function of a weakened immune system or a compromised nervous system. Certainly, the environment, genetic tendencies and diet play a role, the key factor is your relationship to your self and your world, particularly stress. The challenge is not to eliminate stress, but to effectively work with it, thriving and evolving along the way.

Building vitality is different than developing aerobic capacity, flexibility, or physical strength. The foundation of THRIVE is kundalini and vinyasa yoga - asana, breathwork and meditation - that targets the whole mind/body. In addition to yoga, we practice sets of coordinated movements, many aikido-based, which improve balance, eye strength and the nervous system. The experiences stimulate open and intimate discussion about what we are up to, what we are up against and what's necessary in our lives to thrive. The practices, dialogue, meditation and energy work combine to provide a powerful foundation for healing, renewal, and evolution.

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