Volunteer at The Sanctuary by Lizette

by Lizette

Hi! I'm looking to volunteer at the Sanctuary :) Based on what I've read it seems like a little paradise for evolution of self. This summer I was in Namibia, working with wild life and it was so amazing and I quit my job when I got home so that I could take time to do what I love - travel and excperience :)
I learned about the sanctuary via workaway and was instantly attracted!

Protecting animals is my great passion and I will work to be able to have a job revolving around animal welfare and rights in the future.

The last two years I've been actively working with myself and I feel I have come a long way. Im a happier person now and I take the consequences for the way I live my life. For example, by not eating meat - because I KNOW the way the animals are treated. Or not having a TV, because I feel that the collection and distribution of the licence-fee is undemocratic and monopolistic. People think Im a bit weird, but I feel quite happy with myself for acting on what I believe.

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