Volunteer at the Sanctuary by Nav Prem Singh

by Nav Prem Singh
(Paris, France)

I was afraid to volunteer in a community before I've found the Sanctuary. Would my need of freedom and independance be respected ? Would my own practice be accepted ?
I only found love and respect from the Sanctuary staff members and volunteers and I'm so grateful for that.

I came a short period of time but I would definitly like to come back for several months. I've learned a lot from all the staff mumbers on many subjects, expecially on healing techniques, that are openly share and practice daily.

I really appreciate that all volunteers are encouraged to share what they have to offer to the community (yoga class, meditations, dance, chanting, teachings...) because it brings fresh knowledge and made us experience that we are all both students and teachers for each other.

Puerto Econdido is also a wonderful place with a warm weather, beautiful beaches and lots of nice peoples to meet :)

You are invited to visit our sharing page, then come back here and write a comment at the bottom of this page telling us the ways in which you have shared.

Doing this will help The Sanctuary to become/remain sustainable and therefore to be able to continue to offer more volunteer opportunities. Click the picture below to open our Global Healing Center Sharing Page in a new window.

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