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by Saar

Getting my Happy on, on top of the C.N. Tower (Toronto)

Getting my Happy on, on top of the C.N. Tower (Toronto)

As I get off the plane in Puerto Escondido, my heart feels bouncy and excited: what will the following six weeks have in store for me?

I’ll admit I was, besides super stoked, a little nervous. After having lived by myself for most of the year (or at least: taking care of myself, being in charge of my diet and lifestyle, while sharing a house with 3 other people), and living with my boyfriend for about 6 weeks after this, I wondered if and how I’d be able to adjust and be part of a community like the one that has shaped at The Sanctuary.

I’m seven days in at the moment, and all I can say is: how blessed am I to be part of the amazing community which has formed over here! It is refreshing to enter a place with such a clear vision and mission, which strongly resonates with my own beliefs. I especially feel strongly about the willingness to ‘stretch’ each other, being pushed out of our comfort zone. And the funny thing is: it doesn’t even feel as uncomfortable as one might think!

Being part of a group of like-minded people, creates the trust to see that every day indeed provides an opportunity to grow, to transform, to become the best versions of ourselves that we can be. It opens doors that probably would have stayed shut (for longer); providing us with space to follow up on our desires. For example: I am positive I would not be giving my first workshop this week if I would still be in Canada at the moment.

Daily Life at The Sanctuary
A big part of our daily life is shared; from the morning meetings, in which we share how we feel, to the wonderful vegan meals, yoga classes and evening workshops, in which we all get stuck energy flowing again. On the night of my arrival, Bek organized a heart circle; which was a wonderful way to get to know the fellow volunteers and guests. When we know a bit more about where we all come from, it is so much easier to understand why we may respond and act in certain ways.

My first week felt intense; in a way where I was letting go of a lot of tension (physically, mostly) of this year of school (I will be a Certified Holistic Nutritionist by the end of October), as well as getting grounded and easing into this other way of living. It’s been great to practice yoga/chi gong on a daily basis, squeezing in some self-practice on the roof as well. What a relief to re-connect body and mind, after months of sitting behind my computer writing case studies! Having more structure in my days also provides me with inspiration to create, to work with clients (both here and abroad), and to be more productive in my ‘free time’ overall.

Energy Exchange
I am most grateful for all the energy that is flowing around, inside and around The Sanctuary. For the honesty one can find here; the way in which people share their challenges and opportunities, and the gentle way of providing feedback. The gratefulness for our surroundings, and the trust that we will attract and meet all of what and whom we need to. The effort which all of the volunteers are putting into creating a true 'Sanctuary-experience'; prepping awesome meals, running inspiring and surprising workshops, and the people that show up to share in this flowing of energy. After my first week here, my fears have been wiped away. (Okay, besides the little ‘worry’ that time flies by WAY too quickly over here!) They’ve created place for excitement and curiosity, which are really just the flip-side of that same coin.

I’d like to challenge you this week: to see FEAR as ‘excitement on pause’. Get playful. Do something that scares you a little. Tickle yourself. And share how things worked out for you; I can’t wait to hear about it!

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