Volunteer blog from Klarissa (6)

by Klarissa

My journey at the Sanctuary is rapidly coming to a close. A week from now will mark the end of my five month stay here. I came to the Sanctuary unsure of what I would find. Very hesitant, but trusting my gut instinct. Like myself, the community here has gone through rollercoaster changes, sometimes challenging. It has been a time of my life where exactly what learning experience I've needed has come to me.

Through the different activities and day-to-day life experiences, I have changed in a way that has allowed me to be more at peace with my life, more open to surrender and I continue to be more aware of limiting habits or ideas that I've adopted. I have gained so much confidence being here (this is the biggest change). When I came here my confidence was shot. I was unable to share during heart shares. Although I was terrified, I forced myself to open up. I started to express how I really felt. After a while, the opportunity came up for me to lead workshops and other activities, this allowed me to open even more. Now I feel like I have more confidence and more of a voice.

Today we started a week long liver gallbladder flush that will end Saturday. My last week here will be an intense one that will force me to be present and go more inward. I feel this will be the perfect way to end my stay.

Of course the road does not end here. I will continue to open myself to growth and expansion. Being aware of what I put into my body and how it makes me feel. Practicing kindness and gratitude. Continuing a yoga and meditation practice. Taking with me the knowledge I've obtained during my time here and sharing it with others.

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