Volunteer Blog from Will

by Will Farmer
(San Diego, Ca.)

I've been in the house as a volunteer for one week now. Much has changed from the time I had originally signed on (i.e. management, duties, structure) but I feel the adjustments were necessary in maintaining the original vision as specified on the main webpage www.healing-haven.com.

Weekly household duties are assigned each week with all fairness to ensure proper cleanliness in an orderly fashion... it is important to the overall energy of the house and those being healed that the premises are clean and free from any blockages. These tasks (i.e. water management, gift shop operations, cat duty, etc...) are quite easy to manage but the fluidity of the community allows for tasks to be exchanged according to comfort level. Nobody is forced to do any particular task, otherwise it wouldn't be very relaxing!

We have morning huddles with fresh pressed juice and discuss our intentions for the day as well as provide input as to how things can be made better. This is also the time to resolve any group issues that may be present.

The courses/workshops offered by The Sanctuary are phenomenal! We currently offer yoga, massage (intuitive, deep tissue, tai, etc.), acupuncture, African dance, perma-culture, breath work, endless forms of meditation, and much much more.

Three healthy meals a day with plenty of snacks from local farmers are more than enough to satisfy any foodies interested in a visit.

The world famous beach of Zicatela is a 5 minute walk away and hosts a series of amazing restaurants with just about any kind of food you can think of, but I still prefer the more local selections. As a pescetarian (vegetarian with the exception of seafood) I've felt spoiled eating the local caught fish at insanely cheap prices.

The surf here is also breathtaking... there are areas here where the tides are massive for those who enjoy shredding, and areas where the tide is safe enough for small children.

The natives are friendly and are more than happy attempting to work through language barriers as there are a number of tourists in this particular part of Mexico... not too many to where it is suffocating the culture, but enough to allow the community to slowly develop.

There is great potential both here and at the Sanctuary and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to experience something remarkable. I'll continue in more depth when I have more time to process my experiences thus far ;-)

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