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I came across The Sanctuary when i was searhing for work trade in Oaxaca, Mexico. I had been living in The Quintana roo area of Mexico on and off for a year when i decided to make a change in my life. Now i am at a point in my life where i would like to be in a more healing environment...cleanse my body of built up toxins...exercise more...and meditate all with the support of friends.

I wasn't sure what to expect when i left Akumal, Mexico to come here. The trip was tiresome and very long, but full of signs assuring me that i was on the right path. Upon arrival i realized that i would be living in a huge city...which made me a little nervous, but when i made it to the area that the house is in..i realized how peaceful and quiet it is here.

The vibe is very relaxed... The people are friendly... Although i believe that healing comes from within..i also believe that being in a peaceful place with people who support you is very important for growth. I compare it to a fruit tree..if it is planted in a good place with sun, water and nutrients it will grow. Then after it will give its fruit to others.

Yesterday was the first day of my one week juice fast. Along with the fast i am also trying other cleansing methods. It's day two and i don't feel too hungry...just a little slow and more introverted--my awareness is pulled more inward and i'm more aware of the feelings in my body.

The day started with meditation, qigong, an oil pull and an enema. Later i will meditate again and get in the sauna. I will post more throughout the week.

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