Volunteer Experiences from Bex vanKoot

by Bex vanKoot
(Kimberley, Ontario, Canada)

"Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage." ~Anais Nin

Hello and bright blessings, fine folk! I'm Bex, a freelance writing, goddess worshipping, workshop teaching, art journaling, drumming and dancing Canadian girl with a big huge soft spot in my heart for the mountains and valleys and beaches of Oaxaca.

I have been dreaming of my fourth visit to "the unconquered state" for many months (since I left in April 2013) and of being part of a sacred community for much longer. The sanctuary you have built here seems idyllic and I would love the opportunity to share my energy in co-creating the healing energy to sustain it.

My skills in writing, website management, workshop and course creation, meditation and personal development work could be a perfect fit with the amazing work you are doing. My partner (also a writer and experienced cook) and I are so excited for the possibilities! I hope our lives can entwine for the best of all.

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