Volunteer from Samuuuu!!!!!!

by Samuuuu
(Mexico city)

I see myself and i see the world.
I see myself and i see my world with pain.
I see myself and i see my world with pain and hope.

Every answer is in ourselves already, but we have so many layers.
What are we doing with our lives? Are we in contact with our deepest voice?
The world is sick, and what about us?
Maybe If i wanna heal the world as i want, i must start being honest with myself, so Im sick,too and i need to heal.
This 's my lifejob.

Im peruvian, but i said im from the world; im performer, but i said im performing in life, and that's why im travelling to connect with different people from different backgrounds working together to build a better world for everyone. At least, try to do our best and realizing life is theatre, play, dance, music, performance, magic, peace and love. Depense on us to believe the tools and the answers we've already got them.

There's no matches, everything happens for some reason, and like magic, one night i read about Healing Haven, and someting on my heart told me: "You have to go there".

Places for healing, for love, for forgiveness the world needs the most.

The time is now! and now, im really happy to find a place like this!!!!......i hope to be really soon there!!!



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