Volunteer Intent from Vanessa Taal

by Vanessa Taal
(Amsterdam (and Asia))

They say that 25 is the Year of Unfolding. This alludes, I think, to the very real decisions made, and profound life intentions set, in this phase/year of a young person's life. I have been traveling in Asia for 6 months now and will go home to Amsterdam in 5 weeks. I've been traveling before--when people ask if I came traveling to find myself, I say no, I came traveling to travel, and I am always finding myself.

The temples of India and the mountains of Nepal and the beaches of Thailand may help provide an environment conducive to cleanliness and reflection, but becoming honest with oneself and prompting the process of un-conditioning and conscious perfection along is life-long, and deepens as momentum builds. That momentum takes time to cultivate, and it will change your life. My life has been changing with this momentum since I was a teenager, and in this year of unfolding, I am making certain decisions about what my lifestyle can be and mean as an adult to reflect the health and creativity I feel.

Although I am quite sincere with myself, taking questions of ego (especially in relationships) very seriously, and being serious about the effects the decisions of my elders have had on me and the people around them (which I have learned a great deal from), I also recognize that some things are easier with some help. This has been a profound realization for me this year--yes, it sounds very simple, but for someone who has always needed to be self-reliant to be able to live by certain values and lifestyle choices, as I did not find much external support from friends or family much of the time, it has been very important and relieving.

From The Sanctuary I am hoping to contribute from the wealth of my 10-year experience in yoga and meditation and eating healthy, but I am also looking for a supportive community I can use to lean on in this transition time in a young person's life, not for explicit support or advice, but as a healthy environment that encourages the good habits I have spent much heart investing in.

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