Volunteer introduction - All the Best in Your Life - by Anjali Kundalinidas (Paolo)

by Anjali (Paolo)

Who I am:
I'm Italian, no longer a young guy, but my age has allowed me to add up many years of experience, practice and study. I am graduated as a correspondent in foreign languages (English and German).

My life experiences:
I have been teaching Yoga and Meditation for 27 years and all the related techniques (Kundalini, Pranayama, Mantra, Mudra, Kriya, Relaxation, ..).
* About Yoga: I am not teaching the so called “modern” methods, because I think are mostly focused towards exhibitionistic gymnastic, but I offer the original techniques that involve, together and simultaneously, a complex system of physical and conscience techniques and, at the same time, vital energy, mental, temperamental, psychological and spiritual mechanisms. The system proposed by me has always had a good response from the participants (about 250 participants in each of my three-month courses).
* About the techniques of Concentration and Meditation: I don't rely on methods induced or on guided meditations, but on a gradual path of knowledge not only mind in general but also in specific what happens in own mind, the necessary mechanisms for deconditioning it, for getting to the intuitive states and to higher levels of consciousness.
* About Pranayama: I propose, at the beginning, simplified systems and then adding more and more refined and detailed particulars, necessary for reaching very deep effects.
* And so on... all methods are related to RAM (Rishi Ancient Methods), so to what discovered by the ancient Sages; so these practices are connected to original methods, permitting to reach wichever level of development you choose for your life.
* Every system and practice is always joined with specific and "realistic" explanations on why to use the practice as suggested and on how the results could be obtained; this is a “grounded” method, not a “fanciful” method.

In some weekends, every month, I had dedicated my time to propose specific seminars on Yoga, Wellness and Feel Good, personal growth, evolution and spirituality.
In summer time I had organized weekly retreats.

In 1990 I began, parallel to Yoga courses, to practice Massages; the first style was Thai Massage, receiving the degree in Wat Pho – Bangkok - and afterwards many other methods. At the same time I learned a lot of methods of natural diagnosis for giving afterwards treatments and cures in the right way.

Consequently to a large number of trips, I lived for about 5 years in Asian countries, mainly in India.

-- In winter time, every year, I had organized tours in Asian countries; I was advertising these initiatives to forming groups, organizing meetings in which to show my videos and photos with my groups: I have every time done all from myself, finding private means of travel and everything concerning the stay in each city. I was the group leader as well the translator and guide (all over India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Myanmar Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Tibet, China).
-- Several years ago I had the experience to open a vegetarian restaurant for a year; at another time I opened a natural foods store.
-- I have read a few thousand books on Yoga and natural systems to feel good inside and outside; probably I cannot remember all of them, but they have become part of my personal knowledge.
-- I have given many hundreds of public lectures and I was called to take part to many regional television and radio programs.

In 2010 I left my Centre to my daughter when she finished her studies and had acquired sufficient practice in the management of the Centre; by that time I felt free from any commitment to family, to be able so to undertake other experiences spread to other places in the world. The structure in which I carried out these activities occupies a space of about 500 sqm in the center of my city.

-- In 2011 I was living a year in Chiang Mai (northern Thailand) as a teacher in the Thai Massage School - Old Medicine Hospital - Shivagakomarpaj, the oldest and largest in the north. My job, being the only foreigner, was to assist the local masters in teaching people arriving from all parts of the world and to conduct courses on Yoga and Meditation. (see attached sheet) (I can send you also some pictures about)
-- In 2012 I was in Spain to carry out teachings on Yoga and practice of natural well-being. (see attached poster)
-- In 2013 I returned to Italy to begin processing the program of my International School with courses for Yoga Teachers and natural wellness professional Consultants. I began to organize all in an organic farm holidays in south Italy, where I planned with the owners also to offer activities for the physical and inner well being of customers, natural diagnostics, purifications and detox, etc.. feasible in the periods in which there were no classes. But even if initially might seem all quite feasible, came out some difficulties, mainly resulting from lower organizational skills of the owners running the place. Quite the same was for some other farm holidays in which I shifted for some time.
So now, finally, I decided to shift all on Hotels and Resorts in Asian countries and in an Ashram in India, with which I was already relating.

To communicate:
-- My native language is Italian.
-- Consequently, I have enough ease to communicate in Spanish (even without having studied it) comprehending usually 90% and making me understand on 70%. (I have given Yoga courses in Spanish language)
-- I studied English language and I practiced a lot in Asian countries; probably it isn't the English-American-Australian standard but I ever had good communications skills with foreigners. -- I also studied German language, but it is a long time that is not practiced by me, even if it could be revived.
-- I can understand 60% of French (I've never studied it) but I do not speak or write it.

My lifestyle:
I follow a vegetarian diet from when I was a young guy (although I have had periods in which I was not totally vegetarian). Currently my choice is vegan, tending to raw food (but 30% not raw could be good for me), with a preference for fruit and sprouts.
I do not use any drugs, do not smoke, do not drink alcohol or sodas or commercial drinks, no coffee no tea, do not use (and I'm against) medicines and pharmaceuticals, I have no deviation or addiction.
Among other things, I am a person who lives simply and my needs are pretty basic; I do not need extra amusement, since I already enjoy by myself and by life itself.
My opinion is that is good don't have any serious illnesses, but sometimes some signals arriving from the body are necessary for reconnecting better with Nature.

Why do I now turn to you?
Because I think that:
1. Ideologically:
-- is interesting to share experiences and commitments in a community with the same intent
-- it is helpful to join forces to increase the best chances of spreading ideas and life styles
2. Personally:
-- I prefer the warm (or hot...) climate, where there is plenty of good organic fruits and vegetables
-- I prefer places with a nearby beach
3. Relationally:
-- my best choice is to live in a place with a quiet and serene environment (the choice I made now in my web site with hotels and resorts abroad, I certainly consider good but it is unlikely to be comparable to your place ....)
-- it suits me to stay in a place marked by evolutionary characteristics, and specifically in a place where to give and to receive impulses for personal growth and well-being

I send to all of you deep vibrations of peace, health and evolution,

e-mail: info @ allthebestinyourlife.com

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