Volunteer Introduction from Aimee

by Aimee Bourget
(Split, Croatia (for the moment))

My name is Aimee Bourget and I'm a longterm traveler, volunteer and yoga vinyasa instructor. I have recently fallen head-over-heels in love with leading guided meditations, giving thai thai massages and putting people upside-down for therapeutic flying. For me, meditation is stillness, thai is love, vinyasa is joy, therapeutic flying is play. When I get to do all four of these, I'm a happy, happy lady. :)

As a prospective member of this beautiful community, I would love to contribute in any/all of these ways. I am also passionate about cooking, painting (watercolor, oil and acrylic), gardening and teaching theatre to kids.

I feel so incredibly drawn to this healing center because of the emphasis it seems to place on stillness. On appreciating sunrises and sunsets. On supporting others as they explore their obstacles and providing them with a safe place to let go of unhealthy habits and identities. I love that volunteers are asked to participate in yoga and meditation classes.

If I become a part of this community, my goal would be to become more mindful and appreciative of the moment. I'm a planner. My mind-chatter is full of "if I volunteer at this farm for two months and then this retreat for three, I should be able to navigate the Schengen area in order to -- "

I'm at a point in my life wherein I'm finally recognizing the beauty of moving slowly. Spontaneously. Intuitively. I walk barefoot as often as I can so that I am forced to walk with more awareness. Here's a link to something I wrote about walking barefoot that gives a glimpse into my journey.

I think this retreat could help me let go of my planning mind-chatter. I want to let plans go and let life happen. I think this retreat could help me to do so.

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