Volunteer introduction from Line

by Line

Hallo :)
My name is Line, a 20 year old Norwegian who stumbled upon and discovered the healing magic of the sanctuary. When I came to puerto escondido I was in a point in my life where I had to make some decisions and that was where the sanctuary came in. I had already looked at this place for a while, but knew I couldn't stay for three months.
When I arrived in Puerto, sitting and watching the sunset my first night the sanctuary again came into my mind. I looked it up and that that following week there would be a goddess retreat, and it seemed just too perfect timing. Throughout the week getting more and more excited!
Unfortunately two days before the retreat I got a message from Christian saying that the retreat had to be cancelled and the Sanctuary closed down. I was really disappointed about that and had no idea what to do next.
luckily, after two days I got another reply from Christian saying they would again open in 4 days and I could come live there as a sevas guest. I got to ease into the loving life at the sanctuary, get use to the routine and how it worked for a couple of days.
Now I am entering the second day of the gallbladder flush retreat and I am so happy to be able to attend and help at this retreat. It is curious when exactly what is needed is provided to you. I am so grateful for the Sanctuary, even though it has been hard and it has brought up many buried emotions, the sanctuary really helped me to work through them and heal!
I have during my time cooked lunch for 7 people, made morning juice and breakfast and tomorrow I will hold my first morning meditation. I managed to sort out the emotions I was holding on to and I feel really good ! Thank you the sanctuary and especially thank you to the people living in it !
Love from Line

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